Donald S. Whitney's Spiritual Discipline Of The Christian Life

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Spiritual disciplines are something that take a lot of work, they are things that don’t always come easy, and they often require practice to develop. As a believer, it is easy to just assume the role of a mediocre Christian who often overlooks spiritual growth, thinking that going to church every Sunday is enough to effectively grow in ones walk with Christ. Through study, it becomes obvious that Sunday Christianity is not enough, it takes work as a Christian to truly change and grow, and to make that work happen, we have to develop disciplines that will take root in our lives, so that Christ will ultimately change us and grow us as we seek to follow and please him. This paper is going to be a book review of Donald S. Whitney’s book, “Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life”. Whitney dives into the subject of spiritual disciplines and looks to scripture bringing up many key points that make the easy to understand for the reader and he gives practical understanding for the different disciplines. He takes some that are blatantly found in scripture and then suggests some that are helpful in one’s own personal growth. The Author breaks these ideas into both personal and interpersonal ideas that can be practiced to help the individual as well as a group as that person seeks to grow in their relationship with Christ. Spiritual disciplines are quite important, and without them in our lives, we open ourselves to …show more content…
The first point he makes is the importance of the Word of God, in reading, hearing, studying, memorizing and applying the truth to one’s life. Whitney makes it very evident that the Word of God is the most important part in one’s spiritual life. As one seeks to grow in his relationship with Christ, it is important that he has a systematic plan that challenges growth and pushes the individual to be more than he already

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