Bible Relationship Essay

Biblical Relationship, Opinion, and Familiarity As a person who was brought up in a Christian environment, I have had a unique experience reading and exploring the Bible. The past several years of my life have been spent actively studying God's Word and attempting to apply it to my life. Throughout this time, my own personal thoughts and feelings have formed from reflection and meditation. A relationship has been built between the Bible and myself, and as a result my relationship with God has been strengthened. By living a large part of my life with a Bible in hand, I have created an individual opinion on the relevance of it in the modern world. Due to my acquired knowledge of the Word, I have also gained a familiarity with several areas of …show more content…
I had heard the most popular stories in the children's time during church and attended a church camp for a number of years, but took no action to look further into anything I had heard. It was one summer at church camp that truly motivated me to begin my personal devotional life. I felt pulled to start trying my hardest, and completed reading the Gospel as well as the book of Genesis soon after. I continued reading a chapter every day for a few years, which was mostly done in private. My church at the time had offered no youth programs, and the youth group I had attended had too few people to stay in operation. I purchased a study Bible which was the only insight I had to what I was reading. I found and still do find paying attention in church to be difficult, even after my family began attending a new church and I found a youth group. The topic of how to correctly study the Bible has never been addressed in my attendance of any church group, so I often feel at a disadvantage in my studies. I am no stranger to falling away from my reading of the Bible but often switch between reading the Bible a chapter at a time, or using a previously made devotion. Even with my studies being fairly consistent throughout my life, unless a portion of scripture is directly relevant to a situation I am in I have difficulty memorizing and applying it to my life. In the future I hope to change this and find a way to study that best works for

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