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  • The Influence Of Spirituality

    SPIRITUALITY Marie-fransline Marcelin April 5, 2016 Fnes 349 April 5, 2016 Introduction What is spirituality? Many people view spirituality differently, some people define spirituality as a connection toward God and others view it as a way of life. According to Webster dictionary spirituality is an equality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters. In other word the state of being spiritual. Spirituality is someone’s personal search in life and finding greater meaning in their existence. Spirituality looks beyond outer appearances to someone deeper significance and soul of everything. It’s about the love and respect for God; love and respect for oneself and everyone around them. Spirituality is about…

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  • Spirituality And Religion

    Spirituality and religion are two different concepts that often overlap. Devoting oneself to a specific religion entails adherence to certain beliefs and dogmas, while spirituality is described as awareness of something greater than the individual self (Nelson, 2014). Individuals express their spirituality often through religion and prayer, or through other means of achieving spiritual pursuit and expression. According to Spirituality in Cancer Care (2011), many patients diagnosed with cancer…

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  • Health And Spirituality

    Catelin Hall Everglades University Spirituality, Faith, And Health CN: HSC3102 Introduction Spirituality, faith, and health are much like the mind, body and spirit. The most ideal situation is to have all of these components balanced. Spirituality is what someone that has a sense of spirituality has. Faith is the confidence someone has in what they believe in. Health is the absence of illness or any type of injury. Spirituality, faith, and health are connected and is capable of working…

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  • Spirituality In Counseling

    Spirituality in Counseling Matthew Van Roosevelt University Psychology 605 Spirituality in Counseling Spirituality in counseling has been the source of much controversy and uneasiness over the past century. This topic has seen drastic shifts in how it is perceived and treated in the field of psychology. From being shunned and treated as mentally unstable to being accepted as whole, people that find spirituality important have experienced a range of responses. Why have we seen a shift in…

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  • Spirituality In Nursing

    Why Spirituality? The job of a nurse is more difficult than portrayed on television or social media. There are so many elements within their field of work that they need to be prepared for anything in any situation. When becoming a nurse one of the biggest priorities is patient care. When building a relationship with a patient you need to be able to bond not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Spirituality is a person’s beliefs and understanding of life with no religion…

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  • Spirituality In Health Care

    Spirituality is the bond that brings us together as human beings or it is an individual feelings of looking for a connection and changing the meaning of life (Mcinnes Miller & Van Ness Sheppard, 2014). Spituality gives purpose to someone 's life and it brings one to unmatchable God. Spirituality involves prayer, meditation, interactions with natures or others, and relationship with God or a higher power. Spirituality is serving total person such as physical, emotional, social, and spiritual.…

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  • The Role Of Spirituality In Sports

    build character and have a sense of caring. Spirituality is having or being connected to something that a person believes in, practices has a passion for or even preaches. It could be in nature, material things, a relationship with God, music, sports, arts, food or in a religious aspect.Based on the author, “ sports can build spiritual and religious character, and religious philosophy…

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  • Spirituality In Nursing Research

    The concept of spirituality and religion share some similarities, but differ in many ways. Spirituality is defined as “Belief in and sense of connectedness with power outside of oneself” (Black, 2014, p. 355). The belief of a power outside of oneself could be the belief in a higher power. The thought that something is larger than you could be the belief in a spiritual being. The thought and giving of oneself to a higher power is utilized not only in holistic nursing, but in addiction…

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  • Spirituality Definition Essay

    Humanity appears in people’s conversation a lot. However, rarely is spirituality mentioned. We know that spirituality is the core of the humanity that gets lost more often. I am wondering whether this is because we are so driven by the social and cultural acceptance which reluctants to talk about spirituality. Many people including me often think spirituality is the job for very special people such as the famous spiritual leaders. Although everyone may have their own interpretation and…

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  • Religion And Spirituality In Counseling

    Assessing religion & spirituality in counseling: some reflection & recommendations. The concept of religion and spirituality normally overlap and are in most cases used interchangeably. Spirituality mainly involves connecting with others and it contains the following three main components: connection to something or someone beyond oneself, the desire to positively contribute to other’s good and also the feeling of compassion to other people. Religion is defined as an organized system…

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