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  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Analysis

    The image in his lyrics describes how the President would not lead these influential men to eat hog maws, which is a traditional soul food in African American and South-East American cuisine. In particular this reference can be attributed to influential leaders at the time slowly approaching the topic of integration only when it was necessary. Though Richard Nixon took the first steps to start desegregation in the south it was a long process and was far from the integration of culture that many civil rights leaders wanted. In particular his Vice President Spiro Agnew took no action when he was given the task to lead preliminary efforts of desegregation in the South in 1972. This part of the song conveys the idea that many of the influential leaders at the time were either inept for leading this change or would simply refuse…

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  • Richard Nixon Social Reform Movement Analysis

    government did not stop and there seemed to be more times of protest than ever before, yet even through this unrest, there were occasional periods of calm throughout the country that shone through the overcast cloud of the 1960s. Nixon’s claims that his would be a “reforming administration” lent itself to the many new changes that Nixon brought onto the government, including de-politicizing the Post Office and setting up a minimum income for families. Yet the most vocal element of the Nixon…

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  • How To Change In James Preller's Along Came Spider

    exactly like everybody in school, Trey. I just wish you’d try not to be so weird, It's cool that we hang out at home, But do you think maybe, you know, in school, you could… Chill out a little bit? Around here we’ll be friends. But in school… maybe not so much?” (Preller 59-61). This conflict causes Spider to grow and change because, Spider is not being fair to Trey at all. Yet trey doesnt notice it. He's not getting a clue that Spider doesn't want to be seen with him. This is important for…

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  • Richard Nixon Legacy

    President of the United States of America, he served from January 20,1969 to August 9, 1974 (Funk & Wagnalls). Nixon is widely regarded as one of the most controversial presidents in all of history, he is the only president in history to resign the office of the presidency (Barone). Amid the controversy the Nixon administration is notable for creating change in American political, military, and diplomatic history (Funk & Wagnalls). Nixon is almost universally praised for his foreign policy…

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  • Gerald Ford's Assassination

    1968 election was Richard Nixon and his Vice President was Spiro Agnew. Nixon and Ford became very good allies while Nixon was in office. During Nixon’s first term he was a very good President, but when it became time for his re-election in 1972 things went downhill. Before the election was held Nixon wanted to make sure he won by a landslide. This led to what is known as the Watergate Scandal. Nixon wanted to find out information about his opponent hoping to use it against him if needed in the…

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  • Vice President Role

    and head of Kennedy and he died. Discussing about vice presidents and presidents, it leads into the Vice Presidents who ultimately became President of the United States. Gerald Rudolph Ford was the only unelected Vice President and unelected President. Spiro Agnew stepped down from his position as Vice President and Richard Nixon to go with Ford as his VP. The congress approved of him. As soon as Nixon stepped down from HIS position, Ford became president. In 1976, he ran for election but lost…

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  • Reflection On How I Grow As A Writer

    I have learned how to use neutral language, write complete thesis statements, how to put my own tone and voice in my writing, and how to critique my own paper. How to use neutral language was the most difficult skill to learn over the semester. “Standardized tests can be viewed by teachers, students, and parents, as helpful for the school system or detrimental to one’s academic future”. This opening sentence from my Informational Argumentative Essay is a perfect illustration of how my neutral…

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  • Gerald Ford's Presidency

    taking up a professional football career at Detroit or Green Bay, Ford decided to take his economics degree to Yale University. He then attended law school and also worked as a football and boxing coach. In 1940 he got his political life started as a volunteer for Wendell’s presidential campaign, attending the republican convention that year in Philadelphia. A year later he graduated Yale University and returned home in Grand Rapids to work in a law firm. In 1954 Ford’s career as a congressman…

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  • Betty Ford Short Biography

    instructor at the Calla Travis Dance Studio. In 1942, Betty married William G. Warren (1917-), a furniture salesman, and supported him for a number of years prior to their divorce in 1947. Soon afterwards, she met lawyer Gerald Ford, and in 1948 married him prior to his election to Congress. The Fords had four children, including three sons, Michael Gerald Ford (1950-), John Gardner Ford (1952-), Steven Ford (1956-), and daughter Susan Elizabeth Vance Bales (1957-). Gerald Ford was planning to…

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  • The Effects Of Vietnam And The Watergate Scandal

    soon revealed a wider pattern of wiretapping, break-ins, and attempts to sabotage political opponents. A special prosecutor appointed reluctantly by Nixon demanded copies of tapes that the president had made of his conversations. The Supreme Court ordered Nixon to provide them, reaffirming that presidents are not above the law. The scandal unfolded for weeks, and by mid-1974, it was obvious that Nixon had at least ordered the cover-up of the Watergate break-in. In August 1974, the House…

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