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  • Ulrich Seidl's In The Basement

    Ulrich Seidl’s new documentary, “In the Basement”, is mordantly funny, creepily outrageous, and boldly raw. The film gathers a set of suburban Austrian people, who expose themselves by allowing us to peak on what’s going on in their basements. Clearly, the whole is weaker than the sum of the parts, however, my voyeuristic side was awaken by the intimate little secrets it keeps unveiling, even if a couple of unnecessary scenes are there only with the purpose of shocking the viewers. The idea and concept has come from Seidl and the habitual creative collaborator, Veronika Franz, who just co-directed the absorbing horror-drama “Goodnight Mommy”. The creators have selected curious individuals whose tastes extend from the cult of Nazism to sadomasochism,…

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  • Funny Games And Cannibal Holocaust: Film Analysis

    The violence of the films Funny Games and Cannibal Holocaust is perpetrated by human beings. In Funny Games, cruelty is dealt with a heavy but nonchalant hand by highly creepy, unnaturally polite and detached young men who repeatedly call out the audience on their nature and motivations. By asking the audience if we are sated, our thin immersion within the film is broken and we find ourselves suddenly disconnected and forced into introspection. Why are we watching this? Is this entertaining?…

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  • Death Note Analysis

    homonymous manga by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, "Death Note" is the most commercially successful title of the list having spawned video games, light novels, an anime series, a two-part film, a spin-off movie, while a new film is scheduled to screen this October. This entry is for the first two films. The story follows Yagami Light, a student who discovers a notebook, that when someone writes a name of someone in it, this individual dies after a few days. L is world renowned detective, part…

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  • Ju-On The Grudge Analysis

    Ju-on: The grudge is one of the biggest film expressing the ideas of cinematic hybridity on globalisation in term of its local cultural and westernized hybridity. Throughout the film, it demonstrated the ideas of socio-cultural in Japan’s society and the national identity of Japanese horror film with the hybridization of western slasher film. The chosen scene in Ju-on: The Grudge is at the ending of the film between Kayako, the vengeful spirit that kill everyone who’ve entered the house; and…

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  • Quentin Tarantino Characteristics

    Director, writer, producer, and actor Quentin Jerome Tarantino (1963 – present) is considered one of the greatest directors of his generation. His films have been seen all around the world. Quentin Jerome Tarantino (1963 – present) is credited with directing nineteen television shows, short films, and full feature films. He has also been credited with writing over twenty-five television shows, short films, and full feature films. This paper will discussed Quentin Tarantino’s (1963 – present)…

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  • Night Of The Living Dead Film Analysis

    techniques and psychological impact. Night of the Living Dead better represents the horror genre than Carnival of Souls because of its use of characteristics, stereotypes and technical components throughout the film. A typical movie that is categorized in the horror genre follows a set of general characteristics. These characteristics play strong roles in both films. The first characteristic being a horror movie has a psychological impact on the viewers. In the Night of…

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  • Lady Snowblood Analysis

    As much as the mainstream Japanese filmmakers excel in family drama, the "underground" ones excel in exploitation. Since the end of the 60's, when the increased popularity of television had already taken a significant toll on the industry, the majority of the large-scale studios were forced to produce films that included sex, violence and S&M, to earn a profit. Thus the rise of the exploitation genre, a category that manages to shock people, even nowadays. The following list includes ten of the…

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  • Advantages Of Film Festival

    arguing SRIFF is still a film festival which is seeking for its positioning is that it has not yet made a clear decision on whether to be a “business festival” or an “audience festival” (Peranson 39). The concepts of “business festival” and “art festival” are explained in Mark Peranson’s article: First You get the Power, then You get the Money: Two Models of the Film Festivals. In this article, Peranson has listed the different characteristics of the two models of the film festivals. Two of the…

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  • The Great Gatsby Poster Analysis

    In today’s society, most people enjoy going out to see a good movie or two. Before we do so we watch trailers and look at movie posters to see what these movies will be about. Movie posters are a good way to take a quick glance to capture the basis of a film before we pay to see it. Over the years we have progressively gotten better at capturing a movie through a single poster. In 1974, a very famous movie in the genre of drama and romance was release to the public. This movie is known as The…

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  • Giroux's Themes In Disney Animated Movies Have On The Innocence Of Children

    He mainly explains that Disney movies teach young girls that men are dominate over women, and that men care more about a woman’s image rather than what a woman has to say. Giroux fails to consider that the children exposed to Disney films would not comprehend the message in the same way he does. The images that Giroux discusses such as; “Ursula's disclosure to Ariel that having her voice taken away is not so bad because men do not like women who talk is dramatized when the prince attempts to…

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