Split infinitive

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  • Grammar Revolution Video Analysis

    to be, but even I remembered this rule and have used it ever since. However, built into the rule itself there is an exception that states: “except after c.” But if you have one exception you will have another and then another. It can make one throw up his or her hands in surrender into the firm hands of the Grammar Police for punishment. But the video gave me some hope that change is on the horizon as many educators realize that the way grammar is being taught must be revamped. Yes, I was cheering for the educators that thought that too much emphasis was placed on outdated rules that might have been acceptable in the 19th century, but no longer apply today. Examples included ending a sentence with a preposition or using split infinitives such as this famous quote from Star Trek, “to boldly go where no one has gone before.” Come on! If Captain Kirk said it, how could this sentence be incorrect grammar? The video also pointed out that there was a huge disconnect between casual speakers and writers versus the educators that were pushing for a stricter curriculum in teaching grammar to school kids. Both sides made some good points and the example of the private schools that taught grammar to younger children. In these instances the teachers were very dedicated and they used creative ways to teach grammar including one unique use of differently shaped wooden blocks to represent the eight parts of a sentence. By placing these blocks in a certain order, a…

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  • Grammar Vs English Grammar

    OMG did you here? i know right!!!! its crazzzyyy! In this day and age, texting is one of the main types of communication. Whether children choose to use correct grammar when texting, do they really know proper grammar for everyday use? Some people claim that children still have the capability to use proper grammar skills, and that they just choose not to. Others believe that children really do not know any better. With the belief that texting does not effect children’s grammar, one must wonder…

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  • Essay On The Bubble Of Indulgence

    It seemed a disconcerting and dramatic response. What, after all, was the harm in paying a colleague a sincere compliment? Once one steps into the bubble of indulgence, a four billion dollar bubble in this case, the rules of reality no longer apply. A week after that incident, Nadia found herself stranded in the Claridge’s Hotel in London as Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull Volcano spewed noxious fumes into the atmosphere. As if a harbinger of this Icelandic doom cloud, when Stan had awoken earlier…

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  • I M Nobody Who Are You Analysis

    Emily Dickinson is well known for her unusual poems, however during her life she wasn’t famous till after she passed away when her family started to find 1000’s of her poems stuff in tiny spaces all around the house. Dickinson’s writing wasn’t well understood during her time, she had a uniqueness that was ahead of her time; she had an amazing use of symbols, capitalism, themes and tones in her writing which make reading her poems so intriguing. While growing up she wasn’t the average women, she…

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  • Late Work Policy

    Brian Okello 8 June 2015 Views on the No late work accepted policy Introduction Parents send their children to school to not only become excellent academicians but also to gain useful life skills that will benefit in their future lives. Some of the skills they require include punctuality, organization, self-motivation, self-discipline to mention just a few. It is the role of the teachers, in collaboration with the parents, to ensure that this essential skills are handed over to the students.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Beauty Of A Human Life

    I get it, I get it. We can’t control the consequences of our actions, but I know that we sure as hell can control how we go about dealing with them. Couldn’t you have at least tried to make things seem okay? Why is it that you’re unable to see the simple beauty of a human life? How can you do this to your own daughter? I am part of you, you know that, right? On the third day of October in the year of 2000, my mother gave birth to an “oops baby”. That baby was me. On that chilly, autumn morning,…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ballet Of Two Brains

    the very belief and institution they all share and hold dear. Is this the culture Jesus envisioned? A culture that fears more than it loves causing brothers and sisters feel alone in the room full of loved ones as, most of the time, a man speaks of esoteric wisdom from a book you haven 't opened in over a year because you 're scared if you do you’ll realize your time here has come to a close. Sadly because of the stigmatization of doubt, many people have found themselves in this very situation,…

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  • Compassion In Lydia Davis's The Old Dictionary

    In Lydia Davis’s short story, “The Old Dictionary” a person reflects on how they treats things. It is pointed out that he or she worries more about a book and not his or her own son. This dictionary means more to that person than their own son. A child needs looking after as well as plants and pets. A book is something to sit on a shelf, not something to focus a life around. Maybe somethings are looked after more because they require less demands than other things, but does that mean to not give…

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  • Narrative Essay About Christmas

    I decorated our house for the Advent Season. No big deal? Maybe for you. For me, this means a lot because I haven’t put Christmas trimmings in our house for a long, long time. Maybe because I was so immersed in my troubles that I had forgotten how to celebrate Christmas. Or maybe, I felt so miserable that I failed to see the hope Christmas brings to our hearts... One day, my eldest son told me that he is not going to mass anymore. Stunned, I demanded for an explanation. He retorted,…

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  • Brain Observation Paper

    The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the correlational method as a means for examining the relationship between functions of the left and right hemispheres. I will compare the performance of people with intact brains with the performance of so-called split-brain patients. In many ways, the brains of these two groups are very similar. 1 a. For example, the brainstem exists at the base of the brain connecting the brain and spinal cord and has no functional differences between an intact and…

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