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  • Suicide By Stephanie Guttenplan Analysis

    spilled out into the open to discover what inside her the inspiration is stemming from, what pent up emotion or event in her life. She will begin to photograph herself or a muse to the sounds she’s collected – the written piece that she created and the playlist she put together. She, and occasionally her muse, will dance through the space, exploring how their bodies fit into the world. “Processing the images is a whole other dig,” she tells me. She finds textures to exploit and explores different blending effects when layering photos upon photos. Occasionally, she will let her graphic design side take over and evaluate the piece with a different headspace. Besides visual arts, Guttenplan has recently started exploring the world of spoken word poetry. Two and a half years ago, Guttenplan did a transformative experiential program. She explains it gave her the opportunity to learn intellectually, as well as, opportunities to get in touch with the lowest and highest form of herself, and allowed her to become the author of her own life. Since then, she has become a coach and voice and face of the program. She has been a poet her whole life, and following that trend, she wrote about the experience she had coaching a particular group of people. “I wrote something, for one of the first times in my life, that I felt compelled to share. For everyone should know that they are beautiful.” She tells me, she’ll be continuing with it.…

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  • Analysis Of To This Day By Shane Koyczan

    Shane Koyczan is an award-winning Canadian poet, author and performer who rose to global prominence in 2013 when he published the spoken word Poem project “To This Day”. Koyczan proficiently represents his bullying experience and its shared aims in society through the proficient use of emotionally lyrical techniques to illustrate its emotional results and the view of discovering oneself. Koyczan attract the audience attention into his personal experience by relating his own experience as a…

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  • Poetry Self-Analysis

    Poetry has been a part of my life from a very young age. I always enjoyed writing poetry at home in journals, filling the pages with my thoughts and feelings, which became beautiful through elegant words and lyrical phrases. Poetry was a space for me to turn anything I could not express into something people would not only listen to, but also enjoy. Poetry was a way for me to feel like I could tell the world about myself without burdening them with actually listening to me talk about myself;…

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  • Jib Fowles: A Summary

    of telling their stories and poetry. Slam poetry (poetry told for a competition and highly judged), spoken words (telling a story of feelings…

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  • Reflection On Formula For Portraying Art By Sarah Boxer

    In School of Beauty, School of Culture, there is a white Disney princess on the floor with two African American children trying to call attention to it. All of the adults in the scene ignoring the children’s calls to look at the white princess proves that the African Americans had a strong sense of self; they were not trying to succumb to the pressures to become white and were happy in their own skin. Carvens Lissaint was a powerful spoken word poet. He used his gift to highlight his struggles…

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  • How Literature Changed My Life

    Glyn Maxwell, elevated my understanding of poetry. In some extent it clear my understanding of what poetry is and what poets are. Similarly ‘The Autobiography of Red’ by Anne Carson changed my attitude towards how poetry can be written. It taught me poetry doesn’t just have to be something that rhymes and has a strong metre; poetry can have a narrative, it can be sensual, raw and emotive. Reading it about 3 years ago changed my perception of what poetry can be and it opened my search for other…

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  • Cedric Pendleton: A Short Biography Essay

    community. Cedric Pendleton was born on December 5th, 1973, in Florence, Alabama. Both of his mother and father happened to be school teachers. His father also happened to be a politician and a civil rights leader. At a young age, Cedric knew he wanted to either be in a pulpit as a pastor or on a stage with bright lights as an actor. He achieved one of these goals when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia at a very young age. At the age of twelve Cedric had his first piece, Spoken Word Artist published…

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  • Scripture In T. Ward's Spoken Word

    The Bible is the Word of God. He breathed out His spoken words through the authors and we were given an account of Biblical history, and a process for redemption though Jesus Chirst. Ward shows in this writings just how clearly the Bible states that God often does His actions by speaking words. He says let there be light and there is light. Psalms 29: 8 says, “The voice of the Lord shakes the desert; the Lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh.” God does this throughout the Bible, it is not exclusive…

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  • To This Day Figurative Language

    Spoken word poetry is a form of poetry that the author gives life to through voice inflections and word play. In Shane Koyczan’s spoken word piece “To This Day”, Shane uses vivid mental imagery and particular emphasis to bring attention to bullying and mental illnesses. Through the telling of people's struggles he teaches he readers that it is possible to survive mental illnesses no matter the stigma put on you because of them, and that we all need to work together to spread the word and help…

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  • Oral Language Observation Report

    one of the first things that is noticeable about Eugene is that he has trouble pronouncing words and that is shown through his stuttering. His stuttering mostly occurs at the beginning of a word, but once he says his initial sounds, the rest of the sounds in the word he says is clearly pronounced. While he is stuttering, Eugene closes his eyes tight to concentrate on getting the initial sound out. He also attempts to start over and repeat the word all over after a few seconds of stuttering.…

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