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  • Spoken Language

    Spoken and written language differs depending on the context they are used. This is because the meaning differs depending on the environment. Thus, the English used in education systems is usually different from that used in family life. Culture has an impact on the language used in the different contexts. For example, students in the same class may have different pronunciation of words due to cultural interferences. The written language and the spoken language also vary within the same context. This is because people are more conscious when writing since it is permanent, “unlike speaking where the words pass without a permanent record” (Ministry of Education, 2015). This report outlines the differences between speaking and writing in various…

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  • Characteristics Of Spoken Language

    Spoken Language In society the way in which we communicate depends on the context or situation we are in, for example if we are at home or in a workplace. Nowadays, social media or the vast development of technology has affected the way we speak to each other because instead of using received pronunciation, like the Queen, we use slang if we are with are friends; expressing informal features, like taboo language in order to fit in and feel closer or Standard English if we are talking to a…

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  • English Spoken Language

    importance of language in all its forms and its single minded response that ‘… by its very nature a lesson is a verbal encounter through which the teacher draws information from the class, elaborates and generalises it, and produces a synthesis’ (141). However, creating a system whereby pupils became active participants in their learning coupled with the transformation in teaching styles in…

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  • Spoken Language In Hong Kong

    For decades, languages have been changed all the time, because of conquest, migration, trade and so on. Through those ways, speakers of one language would be brought into contacting with speakers who speak different languages. In some cases, people only borrow a few words from their own language to express their though; in others, a new language may be formed by people to communicate with each other. Therefore, different languages can have different outcomes. In China, this contact situation is…

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  • Listening In The Spoken English Language

    Students experience language or are exposed to language uses either by native or non-native speakers. In this educational context, students come across the spoken English Language through listening activities run in class or by the interaction with the EFL Teacher. In this session representative, samples of the listening tasks of the coursebook of 3rd grade Think Teen will be reviewed in terms of the criteria set by Rost (2002, p.160-181). In particular, the listening tasks under scope derive…

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  • Spoken English Language Essay

    English is a global language. English is the third most spoken language after Mandarin and Spanish. English is no longer restricted to the shores of England. It has spread its influence far and wide and it currently enjoys a dominating presence amongst all world languages. The status of English as a global language rests not only on having a high number of people speaking the language but also on the fact that continually, year after year, more and more speakers are attempting to learn English…

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  • Utterances In Spoken Language Essay

    other on a regular informal basis, then sentence 1 (c) might be regarded as inappropriate. Since “there is nothing in the utterance itself which signals polite, non-polite, politic or over polite” (Mills 2011:45), it again stresses the importance of contextual information for the analyst’ interpretation: as researchers, all we should do is point out instances of relational work that may be open for interpretation as polite. To do this, we first have to discover what is likely to be the norm of…

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  • Cultural Geography: Languages-Spoken On Planet Earth

    Geography 3 May 2015 Languages: Languages spoken on Planet Earth Without languages being created and widely-spoken, human beings would have a very bad way of communicating with each other. It would be virtually impossible to have countries succeed without some form of communication. Thankfully, there has been 6,909 languages that have been created and widely spoken as of 2009 ("How Many Languages Are There in the World? | Linguistic Society of America"). If anything, the inhabitants of…

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  • Spoken Language Change

    According to linguists, people who study language, all spoken languages change over time. The rate of this change is not always at the same rate. For example, Japanese has changed relatively little over the past 1000 years, while English has changed rapidly in the past 300 years. There are two main aspects of change. They are: 1) terms used for objects, actions, and concepts and 2) how words are pronounced. Of these aspects of change, terms are the first to change. Some terms are borrowed from…

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  • Spoken Language Analysis

    Spoken language holds more information than written. This is because while speaking, an audience is able to understand the feeling of the speaker as there is tone and body language. In written language this is not known as its just plain text. The speakers feeling are also shown by paralinguistic features which are body language, posture, eye contact and hand gestures. As well as this, spoken language contains features like fillers and hedges. All this is adds emotion to speech which is…

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