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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Beauty Of A Human Life

    I get it, I get it. We can’t control the consequences of our actions, but I know that we sure as hell can control how we go about dealing with them. Couldn’t you have at least tried to make things seem okay? Why is it that you’re unable to see the simple beauty of a human life? How can you do this to your own daughter? I am part of you, you know that, right? On the third day of October in the year of 2000, my mother gave birth to an “oops baby”. That baby was me. On that chilly, autumn morning, my biological father left my mother and I at the hospital. From there on out, we went through the motions of your average everyday family, but my conception of a “family” was a bit distorted. As time went on, my mother fell for an environmental law professor from Philadelphia on an online dating website and soon enough, it was appropriate for me to refer to him as my father. Once he entered the picture, I began to fade out of it. On the second day of October in the year of 2007, my mother gave birth to her pride and joy. That baby was my younger sister. On that chilly, autumn morning, my mother and my newfound father fell in love with my sister and fell even further away from me. With time, this oblivion caught fire and turned into a deep, scorching animosity as my mother tripped and fell into severe postpartum depression and obtained an overwhelming dependency on alcohol. I understand how mental disorders work. I’m actually quite familiar with them myself. But a chemical imbalance…

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  • Compassion In Lydia Davis's The Old Dictionary

    In Lydia Davis’s short story, “The Old Dictionary” a person reflects on how they treats things. It is pointed out that he or she worries more about a book and not his or her own son. This dictionary means more to that person than their own son. A child needs looking after as well as plants and pets. A book is something to sit on a shelf, not something to focus a life around. Maybe somethings are looked after more because they require less demands than other things, but does that mean to not give…

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  • Narrative Essay About Christmas

    I decorated our house for the Advent Season. No big deal? Maybe for you. For me, this means a lot because I haven’t put Christmas trimmings in our house for a long, long time. Maybe because I was so immersed in my troubles that I had forgotten how to celebrate Christmas. Or maybe, I felt so miserable that I failed to see the hope Christmas brings to our hearts... One day, my eldest son told me that he is not going to mass anymore. Stunned, I demanded for an explanation. He retorted,…

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  • My Reflection On The Real Care Baby Lesson

    For this rotation I taught the Real Care Baby lesson. IN this lesson the students watched a visual video that gave them an overview of what the Real Care Baby is all about. Then they got pulled out in groups to complete the “one Minute” baby challenge. This challenge required the students to stop the baby from crying in one minute. This required following directions, collaboration, completion of the challenge, and critical thinking skills. After this the students had the chance to read more…

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  • Grammar Vs English Grammar

    OMG did you here? i know right!!!! its crazzzyyy! In this day and age, texting is one of the main types of communication. Whether children choose to use correct grammar when texting, do they really know proper grammar for everyday use? Some people claim that children still have the capability to use proper grammar skills, and that they just choose not to. Others believe that children really do not know any better. With the belief that texting does not effect children’s grammar, one must wonder…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ballet Of Two Brains

    the very belief and institution they all share and hold dear. Is this the culture Jesus envisioned? A culture that fears more than it loves causing brothers and sisters feel alone in the room full of loved ones as, most of the time, a man speaks of esoteric wisdom from a book you haven 't opened in over a year because you 're scared if you do you’ll realize your time here has come to a close. Sadly because of the stigmatization of doubt, many people have found themselves in this very situation,…

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  • Brain Observation Paper

    The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the correlational method as a means for examining the relationship between functions of the left and right hemispheres. I will compare the performance of people with intact brains with the performance of so-called split-brain patients. In many ways, the brains of these two groups are very similar. 1 a. For example, the brainstem exists at the base of the brain connecting the brain and spinal cord and has no functional differences between an intact and…

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  • How To Severe Epilepsy

    frontier and the fact that this study, which started in 1961, is still being considered by students and professionals is telling to that conclusion. This study contributes to the field of psychology in many ways. While emotional responses were not really examined in this study, I feel, that if incoming information is being altered or more difficult to decipher, then in turn, feelings and responses surrounding this information would be transformed as well. This could possibly prove to make…

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  • Grammar Revolution Video Analysis

    turned out to be, but even I remembered this rule and have used it ever since. However, built into the rule itself there is an exception that states: “except after c.” But if you have one exception you will have another and then another. It can make one throw up his or her hands in surrender into the firm hands of the Grammar Police for punishment. But the video gave me some hope that change is on the horizon as many educators realize that the way grammar is being taught must be…

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  • Psychological Brain Studies

    when they were shown the lights on the left hemisphere the patients were unable to unable to explain what they saw. This proves that while both hemispheres saw the lights, only the right side allowed the patients to verbally explain what they had seen. This study also shows that the left hemisphere is unable to let us describe or even say what exactly we see. In reverse, during the touch tests, it was found that patients holding a specific object in their right hand, which is monitored by the…

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