Narrative Essay About Christmas

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I decorated our house for the Advent Season. No big deal? Maybe for you. For me, this means a lot because I haven’t put Christmas trimmings in our house for a long, long time. Maybe because I was so immersed in my troubles that I had forgotten how to celebrate Christmas. Or maybe, I felt so miserable that I failed to see the hope Christmas brings to our hearts... One day, my eldest son told me that he is not going to mass anymore. Stunned, I demanded for an explanation. He retorted, “Please, I don’t want to talk about it.” Since I respected his decision, I just spent sleepless nights crying to God and asking Him where I went wrong. I blamed myself for being an incompetent mom and an unworthy guide to my children. I failed in my most …show more content…
I did not want to go out anymore. I lost my appetite for food—even for life. For a long time, I was merely existing. My health soon failed. Last February, my doctor told me that my vocal cords have been severely damaged by the gastric juices that keep going up my throat. He told me to preserve my voice because I might lose it anytime soon. I was horrified! With nowhere to go, I found my steps back to God. I tried really hard to attend mass, despite the noncooperation I continuously get from my husband and my eldest son. It was a never-ending struggle that sapped my energy and resources. In one of those arduous attempts to attend mass, I convinced my family (minus my eldest son) to go to mass because we were already in Fairview Terraces, and the restaurants were not open yet. The guard instructed us to go to the cinema where The Feast is being held. And there, God spoke to me through the words of Bro. RJ, reminding me of the blessings He continuously gives me, His mercy, and His unending love for me. It was just up to me to accept Him. I hungered for the peace of mind and the feeling of God’s presence and embrace, which I found at The Feast. So I went back, but only with my youngest …show more content…
When I was able to convince my daughter to come with us again, I reluctantly signed up with the Media Ministry. I was nervous. It had been decades since I last wrote an article. I had nothing to offer. Yet, He was calling me. Maybe that was one role I refused to play—servant leader of my family—because I was expecting my husband to do that. But what if he was lost, too?

[Jesus said,] “...Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?” Luke 6:39

Until now, my husband and eldest son do not go to mass. But then, God may be teaching me how to be patient, to stop nagging and act instead. Maybe He is asking me to change myself first, so I can set an example. Maybe He is allowing me to find Him first, so I could lead my family back to Him. Through The Feast, God led me to change my attitude towards the situation, to see things from a different perspective. It gave me hope, strength, and assurance that He will answer my prayers; so that someday, we will attend The Feast as a family. I only have to believe. So pray for my family, will you? Thank you and merry

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