My Reflection On The Real Care Baby Lesson

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For this rotation I taught the Real Care Baby lesson. IN this lesson the students watched a visual video that gave them an overview of what the Real Care Baby is all about. Then they got pulled out in groups to complete the “one Minute” baby challenge. This challenge required the students to stop the baby from crying in one minute. This required following directions, collaboration, completion of the challenge, and critical thinking skills. After this the students had the chance to read more about an article related to the topic and answer open ended questions on it.
For my anticipatory set I engaged every students by making it fun and easy. I threw a ball to a student and asked to say the first thing that pops in their head when I say the words “Baby.” They then passed it to each other and everyone got a chance to say what they had a mine. It was something easy that everyone could do. I got multiple different answers that were
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The students loved my anticipatory set and I could tell by them laughing and seeing the smiles their faces. It was definitely something for them. Im sure they never imagine working with a Real Care Baby in class. I loved the idea of being able to record myself. It was a neat way of seeing mistakes I did and didn 't even realize. I think if I had the chance of re teaching this lesson again I would 've had done so much better. I would’ve changed my projection of vice, be more specific on directions and more. I saw myself and learned from my own self. You don 't see your own point of view when you 're the one teaching but when you see yourself is the way the students saw you. I also like the rubric, it makes me watch my videos again and realizing that maybe I hit or missed some pints. I learned how hard it is to have a perfect lesson and you will never have. There 's so many little mistakes that can be fixed and it 's neat being able to see them and making changing for the next time you teach

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