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  • The Meaning Of The Questions Of Life Speech

    tried to answer of what the meaning of life is, or if there is even meaning, but eventually gave up on it because too many factors are implied in answering such a question. In his article, The Meanings of the Questions of Life, John Wisdom challenges the question by presenting some of the factors that might lead some people to think that it is pointless to ask what the meaning of life is before presenting his own opinion that states that asking the question itself is not pointless, but there that might not be a definitive answer to it. Wisdom starts by arguing that some people think that asking this question is pointless because there are endless questions that one can ask, even if they have an answer, illustrating it in the form of a story: “There is an old story which runs something…

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  • How Does Autism Affect Intelligence

    effect on intelligence is a controversial topic. This is considered a controversy because there is no concrete proof that ASD directly impacts intelligence. During the research I found three possible answers that show how autism may affect intelligence. The brain functioning of someone on the autism spectrum can cause some intellectual halts because their sensory processing is slowed. Although, autism may not cause any intellectual issues because it only has been proven to effect social…

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  • The Definition Of Math Anxiety

    question 23 when first giving the definition of math anxiety it seems that most people would say yes, whether they truly felt they had it or not prior to looking at the question. In addition, asking more than one question within a question leads to confusion and the inability to answer it straight forward. For example, in question 24 when asking if the participant had ever had a class discussing any of several theorists listed. If you are taking a course in sociological theory most likely you…

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  • The Differences Of The American Dream

    To him the American dream meant, having food on the table every day and helping his family in every need they had to survive in this country. His answer stood out to me the most because of how he had said it. He was born in raised in Mexico, and he has told me much of his life struggles. Of course there is a big age difference between us which means there are a lot of things I have in my life that never existed in his time. My answer has to do with things for myself and for my future…

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  • The Disadvantages Of Tablets/Computers Vs. Textbooks

    endless network of data outside of the textbook. “FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski and Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan said, “too many students are using books that are 7-10 years old with outdated material,”” (ProCon 4). Tablets/computers have an enormous network that has the answer to any question an individual may have. Having a tablet/computer will help expand the knowledge on subjects to students and/or teachers. One example is students will be able to put more in depth research into…

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  • Leadership Speech: Characteristics Of Transformational Leadership

    much for taking the time to speak with me this evening. Before we get started please let me extend this token of my appreciation for your thoughts, insights and answers tonight, especially as a political analyst, this particular time of year is most busy for you! A little bird told me about an author you so enjoy, who happens to be good friends with my family. The former Governor, as you know, has a new book coming soon, and, as always, was gracious enough to meet me for a glass of wine to…

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  • Romantic Communication Questionnaire

    in terms of gathering the needed information for the dependent and independent variable. Both of the variables, however, will be analyzed quite differently. As this research will analyze texting through the survey, different questions will observe both the frequency of texting between two partners as well as the content of these text messages. Close-ended questions will be used in order to easily compute the information gained from this survey and because they will be the most effective to…

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  • Faculty Interview Analysis

    Faculty Interview For an assignment I was given a challenge to talk with a faculty member of Washburn University. The faculty member I have chosen was Dr. Chris Conner. I chose Dr. Conner because he seems like a very interesting individual. Also, I am very interested in sociology and how sociology has affected him. I also know that sociology is a difficult area of study because it is always changing and individuals have different views on how sociology affects the world. Also Dr. Conner likes…

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  • Market Research: Yoyo Yogurt

    12 people thought that their experience at YoYo Yogurt was an average experience by rating it 5 or 6 /10. This leaves the remaining 5 with a bad experience at the store by rating it 4/10 or below. The The answers of the question in our survey helps us to answer our aim because as many people believed that YoYo Yogurt was a good experience giving us high hopes that people would like to see another YoYo Yogurt in the future. This graph was to see how many of each gender we surveyed. This graph…

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  • 24 Hour Recall Assessment Examples

    the information needed without sounding robotic or inexperienced. After a few do-overs, I finally found a way to interact with the patient, which allowed me to ask the questions required to get the information for the 24 hour recall. The main comment from my observer, Brenda Phelps made me aware of both my strengths and my shortcomings. As noted by Brenda, my main strength was having the ability to build rapport with the patient in addition to being open, friendly and thorough. One of the areas…

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