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  • Answers In Genesis

    Therefore, the first half of the creation week does not necessarily proceed along the lines which some insist. The only solution to this difficulty would be to interpret the text as saying that the Sun appeared on the fourth day, but that it had actually been created on the first and was therefore the source of the light which separated day and night. This is something which the adamantly literal interpreters refuse to do. In critiquing Hugh Ross for suggesting such an arrangement, Terry Mortenson of Answers in Genesis explicitly argues that the Sun, Moon, and Stars were not created until the fourth day, advancing his argument along several lines. 14 Likewise, other Answers in Genesis contributors insist upon the Sun’s actual creation on the fourth day,15 as do the…

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  • Dr. Ham's Creation Debate

    too often did he seem to make the case for God. This would have been fine, however, in his case for God his portion of the debate may have been more efficient had he considered using stronger source than the one used. For example, when asked whether the nature laws function differently during the prehistoric age he provided a rather vague answer, something along the lines of “that’s just how it was back then”. One might respectively interject that if referencing scripture was the route that Dr.…

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  • Skills Profiler Report: Personal Assessments

    aspect which was different from the previous two test. The test was simple since the assessment wanted me to self-score myself on where I was from basic to genius. Most of the questions I answered on a moderate scale although only a few of my questions somewhat distressed me on either my answers were accurate to myself. After the test, I was confused on how my scores were able to identify which job is best suited for myself until I found the career comparison tool.…

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  • My English Experience

    The first time I read through the entire thing without stopping or making notes. The second time around I would highlight information I thought was important. The third time I read I would look specifically for where in the article the answers to the required reading questions could be found. This helped me because the articles were very dense and long and it was too difficult to understand them in a single reading. For exams, the thing that helped me the most in my preparation was attending the…

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  • My Reflection On Vocabulary Rules In The Classroom

    actual classroom teacher). After this, I introduced the newest challenge – adding the “ing” and “ed” endings. I found that during this time, I talked for most of the time as I explained the “rules” of vocabulary, asking mainly closed-type questions. With the type of questions being asked during this time, there wasn’t much for student dialogue beyond the simple answers given. While we were going through this introduction, the students were seated in front of the Smart Board and we were…

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  • Concept Attainment Case Study

    216). The practice puts students’ questions at the center of the curriculum, and places just as much value on the element skills of research as it does on knowledge and understanding of content. To use inquiry teaching in class, I will begin by explain the procedure of inquiry, then showing a short video clip of a person stacking Styrofoam cups in a doorway (p. 219). After the video clip is shown, I will draw four quadrants on the board and title them as follows: quadrant 1 (Yes or No…

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  • Questionnaire-Related Measurement Error

    Questionnaire-related Measurement Error Questionnaire- related measurement error could have occurred in a couple questions within our survey because of the way that the questions were worded and the possible answers that were listed. One of the questions where this occurred was in question 8 that asks, “Should the U.S. immigration laws be made stricter, looser, stay about the same, or are you uncertain?” This represents a questionnaire- related measurement error because this question does not…

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  • Summary Of The Poem Alone By Maya Angelou

    Maya Angelou once said, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” In her poem called “Alone”, she gives an extended example of a reason as to why some people are unable to thrive in life and why others do. “Alone” is about the fact that no one can survive in this rough, cruel world alone, and Maya Angelou depicts this through mood, figurative language, and symbolism. First of all, stanza one of…

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  • P. L. A. Y Strengths And Weaknesses

    showing compassion, Ask questions to grow and understand this crazy world and last remember what Your mama said, which means the life lessons she already learned I need to keep the answers. I would formulate this basic principle in my life as follows: An action is right if and only if I continue to apply P.L.A.Y in my life and the outcome would be of my expectation. Family means everything to me and now that I am a parent of two daughters six and one I would go above…

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  • School Resource Officer Thesis

    You will be requested to answer the questions on the survey and participate in the discussion for this focus group study to be held at Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) office. The focus group study should take about 90 minutes (1.5 hours). If you decide not to participate, FLY will arrange for another activity for you during that time. RISKS AND BENEFITS OF PARTICPATION: The risks of participating within this study is asking questions that could possibly bring up negative feelings. These…

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