Reflective Essay On My Recording Experience

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The whole experience of this recording was quite interesting and unique, especially after I was done and heard myself. An important insight I gained from this was that after hearing the recording I thought to myself why didn’t I say this and that or added more to it. I realized I am the type of person that does better taking a while developing an answer before saying it off the top of my head. In the recording I just ran through the questions speaking with more general and broad ideas. The questions that intrigued me the most were the ones who asked about social responsibility, the ones involving races, and lastly the one that asked if I was personally involved in a movement to bring social change. I feel like many of those questions caught my off guard because I wouldn’t have a clear answer for the, I would be like yes and no but I was able to explain why I thought both answers. I hope to find that one answer within the experiences I am going to go through in my service learning so at the end of the semester I will be able to choose truly the best one and have one clear answer. While recording it felt a bit strange just talking to myself in my room and answering these questions out loud. I mean I always talk to myself in my room so I’m not sure why this made me feel different. I believe I stayed on the surface …show more content…
I have realized that from the past I have gained more knowledge from others’ opinions that sometimes my own opinions end up changing as well. Honestly I am most likely to change any opinion as long as I am explained why someone else believes a different way than I do. If I were to go sit down with a person who had the opposite view as me and have they explain to me why they believe that way and I feel like the truly have a point, I am willing to change my opinion because now I have heard the other

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