Anterior cingulate cortex

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  • Adolf Hitler: The Serial Killer

    Involvement of prefrontal cortex is particularly interesting because that is the area where there are the most abnormality differences between the regular person and the serial killer. Which might explain some of the serial killer behavior and where fantasies originated from. The anterior cortex is where the feeling of empathy is generated. People with narcissistic personality usually have a lack of empathy since they usually do not share and co-experience the feeling of other. Occasionally they are not aware of their thoughts, intentions, and desires. They usually involve themselves in bottom-up processing, so they will always feel like they are better than other (Jankowiak-Siuda & Zajkowski, 2013, P.…

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  • Wifi Addiction

    for something because the response after contact with the stimuli simulated perceived pleasurable response. Consequently, Internet addiction has been acknowledged as a clinical diagnosis. Internet addiction is a compulsive–impulsive spectrum disorder, involving online and/or offline computer usage for excessive gaming, sexual preoccupations, and e-mail, and is known to have an effect on the structures of the brain. Zhoua, Linb, Duc, Qina, Zhaoc, Xua, Lei (2008) examined the density of grey…

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  • Foreign Language Analysis

    that a multilingual brain is nimbler, quicker, better able to deal with ambiguities, resolve conflicts and even resist Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia longer. ( The brain 's official capacities are fortified through improving bilingual speakers at exchanging between two undertakings or taking care of assignments that require peace management. People have better memory, more creative, and mentally flexible Learning a language improves cognitive functions,which…

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  • Ostracism And Self-Esteem

    condition(Williams et al., 2000). The results of which portrayed socio-meters analysis of state self-esteem, to which individuals state self-esteem fluctuated depending on the condition they were in. On the other hand, Trait self-esteem plays an equally important role in socio-meter theory. Onoda et al. (2010) aimed to expand on initial cyber ball task by utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging to experimentally measure areas of the brain that were activated when a person was…

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  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Case Studies

    course of OCD. One associated biological factor is a family history of OCD, which is especially prevalent in early-onset cases (American Psychological Association, 2013). The DSM-5 (2013) states that family members of persons with OCD are two times more likely to receive an OCD diagnosis of their own; if the person has childhood onset OCD, the likelihood of familial diagnosis is ten times the average. Additionally, a recent twin study by Pauls (2010) showed a concordance rate of .57 in…

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  • Ocd Movie Analysis

    and relationships. He mentioned earlier that throughout his life he covered up his symptoms so that his “enemies” or the media wouldn’t know of his situation. He did mention that he had one supporting relationship with Katharine Hepburn. Given these symptoms, and Mr. Hughes history with chronic stress throughout his life, a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsion Disorder is justified. DSM-5 Diagnosis: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (300.3) Given Mr. Hughes’s symptoms, he is likely to have a…

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  • Multitasking Argumentative Essay

    explains how multitasking lowers one’s I.Q. score. According to his article, the University of London discovered that men’s I.Q. temporarily dropped as much as 15 points when they multitasked during cognitive exercises. That is to say, these men were writing papers with the cognitive function of an 8 year old, as inferred by Bradberry (2). By and large, an attempt to finish a project will be much more successful if it is made solely on its own, without the distraction of other tasks. Although…

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  • Trial And Incongruency Effect

    Finding conflict adaptation after the removal of this confound would strengthen support for the theory that conflict adaptation is the result of adjustments in attention, such as select-for-action or response inhibition. Conversely, if future research finds that conflict adaptation disappears in the absence of contingency learning effects, researchers will need to evaluate the role of learning processes in conflict adaptation. Furthermore, future research should seek to expand Botvinick et al.’s…

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  • What Is Directed Forgetting?

    and used a similar word list and the same fragments from the fragment completion test; in which it was found that use of a longer list enhanced directed forgetting. Both explanations can be deemed as providing development for positive, future applications of interest. From Basden, Basden and Gargano (1993) therapeutical practices, such as hypnosis have been briefly discussed; by which post-hypnotic amnesia is linked with retrieval inhibition showing greater improvement of recall of forget…

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  • Reflective Essay: What Makes An Individual?

    This form of ostracism, elicits increased activity in the brain areas, such as the anterior cingulate cortex which also responds to physical pain. (Kross et al., 2011; Lieberman & Eisenberger, 2009) Another point to take into consideration in regards to psychology is the concept of how we process and remember information. There will be instances where one person remembers an event or situation differently than someone else. This is the primary reason the science of psychology put more emphasis…

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