The Importance Of Test-Taking Strategies To Making A Good Grade

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Tests are things that you have to study and/or practice for. Studying is essential to making a good grade and there are several test-taking strategies to help improve your grade and understandability in regard to the information. If put into a situation where I had to prepare for a major exam that wasn’t my best subject, then I would use several strategies such as determining the test type/format, predicting test questions, various study activities, and studying in a group to ensure a good grade.
It’s important to determine what type/style of test will be given due to the fact that the test format may reflect on what kind of questions will be asked. There are multiple choice, true or false, computer graded, open-book, short answer/fill-in-the-blank, matching, and essay tests. It could be entirely all of one type or a mixture of different types of questions. I would ask my teacher what types of questions would appear on the test and this will help me better prepare because I will know how to answer the questions. For example, if the test comprises of essay questions then I will study important terms and be prepared to explain my answers. I can also remember to outline my answer because it’ll help me
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There are various types of groups such as test review, note taking, research, and reading. I would either create or join a test review group that composes of four (including me) or less dedicated students. Study groups improve understanding of the information and you can improve your answers with critique from the other members. If we were studying for a history test, we could quiz and aid one another and this will improve everyone’s comprehension of the material. For example, if I didn’t understand a concept, then I could ask a group member to explain it to me. Another example would be if I was unsure of how to improve my answer because I could then have someone give me feedback and

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