Reflective Essay: A Lessons Learned In High School

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A Lesson Learned My senior year was a complete disaster. I never took anything serious, and I always waited till the last minute to do everything. All throughout my senior year teachers told me I needed to push myself to achieve a higher grade although my stubborn self never listened. I can remember I always was a student who fell under the c to a d range in my grades with homework and tests, and my teachers always told me I could do better. It was not till one day that was towards the last week of my senior year where I realized I should 've been giving a hundred percent towards my school work. My math teacher, Mrs. Richie, who had blonde hair with blues pulled me aside to her giant desk after class while no one was in the room to tell …show more content…
Richie. I simply learned and took in so much information that day, and I realized that it could benefit myself on the test. Before I saw it coming these finals came along, and those endless frustrating study sessions would come to an end. I had several exams from different subjects that I was worried about, but I was not nearly as worried about them as my math final. In the end of these exams I did pass my final exams with a fairly decent percentage although, I had that one final exam to worry about and that was the math final. My math final was on a friday which made it hard because it was the day before school was over. That morning before school I looked over my notes before I took the test to make sure I was ready. I quickly got to school while the information was still in my head, and I patiently waited until the bell rang. Shortly after the bell rang I headed to my big classroom filled with my classmates in it. I quickly sat down and tried to keep myself relaxed from the thought of failing the test. My teacher Mrs.Richie later went over basic rules then handed out the test. From there is was nothing but hope that the studying would pay off. I quickly went through the questions that I knew for sure and later went through the complicated ones that had me second

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