Texas Treasure Literature Analysis

Mary Beth Stevens suggests writing supports reading by asking students to draw upon common knowledge and thinking processes (2014). In the Texas Treasures Literature curriculum students continually respond to text through writing activities. At the end of each section they record their responses by writing a personal response. These responses require critical and higher order thinking skills because students answer open-ended questions and utilize summarization, inference and interpreting meaning skills. This allows students to explore their own thoughts and make connections to the text.
Throughout the curriculum, students work in groups to facilitate learning and understanding of material presented. Often after reading, students are placed
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Teachers have the opportunity to plan and manage daily lessons and activities, access program resources, edit worksheets, as well as track the standards covered in their lessons when teaching from this curriculum. When it comes to assessments, this curriculum has ready-made assessments but teachers have the option of creating their own as well. By using these assessments, teachers create reports showing them students ongoing progress. Through these reports assign students automatically for re-teaching and remediation passed on their individual performance. Teachers also have access to transparencies, audio, video, and software throughout their instruction. For students, the technology content offers audio summaries, links to videos, animation and graphic organizers. On-line students have access to a media toolkit and a student presentation builder. This allows students to create responses to the text, once again allowing students to make a connection to what they learned. Gormley and McDermott (2015) found that students expend a great deal of thought on their choices of visual, video, and audio displays providing evidence of what they learned from their reading. In today’s society, students relate so much through graphics and videos and this tool allows them to do that. A skills-based language arts game offers students the chance to engage in games, offering an innovative approach to Language Arts and Reading skills practice. Within the game, Skills Level Up, based on students’ progress and assessment, opportunities for remediation occur continually. Students also have the opportunity to listen to the selections, improving comprehension and reading fluency. For English-language learners, story summaries are offered in their native language. The Tech Connect component of this curriculum presents an abundance of resources for teachers to build and engage students’

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