Engl 1101 Reflection

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When I first started ENGL 1101, I expected it to be like high school all over again. In high school I was always in the more advance classes. I wrote essays, did book reports and was given a rubric to go along with so I knew what my teacher expected. My expectations was not what I was not what I was expecting nor was prepared be to graded so hard on my essays and journals. I can honestly say I didn’t have clear understanding over the work that I was getting graded over. Now I have less interest into reading and writing.

What I have learned about the rhetorical situation is you have to have a purpose for writing.I learned this by connecting to the values by engaging to the reader.. In the future, I can apply it to my future papers by going
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I learned how to link my claim with thesis. I can use them in the future by improving my thesis statements.

I have learned a lot about the relationship between reading and writing. You have to have a clear understanding about everything you read. Then you have to write on it with my experience throughout this class, I will assume I didn’t understand anything clearly because of

the grade I had received. The reason why I said I didn't have a clear understanding because I'm so use to my teachers explaining everything and I knew what was expected. I can apply this in the future by making sure I understand the reading because it has a big effect on my writing.

I would say I haven't learned much about the stages of the writing process. I think the most important part of the writing process is engaging the reader because you want to catch the readers attention. I can use the writing process in the future by finding interesting things to write on, something that interest me.

My attitude toward reading and writing is now is not so great. I think the skills I have are because I learned the things I know now in high school. I plan to use these skills in the future by using my high school knowledge and it apply it my college

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