Personal Reflective Essay: The Writing Process

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The writing process is different for everyone. Some people may skip a few steps and others may throw in some extra. I personally believe that my process is most effective for me and my style of writing. My general process is to understand the prompt, know the audience, research, outline, write a rough draft, edit, and write a final draft.
First I make sure to fully grasp my prompt. Personally I like to read through my prompt a few times. When doing this I look for three things: What is the reader supposed to gain from this, in what ways can I deliver the information, and ideas that come to mind right away. By knowing what the reader needs to know, I will be able to focus on getting all the correct information and research to give to them.
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This is by far my favorite part. Being able to be creative and come up with a way I can express what I need to in a new and exciting way. I’m all about the ideas and the beginning construction of a powerful and moving essay. When I brainstorm I like to color coat everything in an organized why so I know where each thought should be put in the essay. I make list after list with drawings and doodles so I can always understand what point I was trying to make when looking back at my notes. I like to do some research as well to come up with different ideas to bring up and write them all down on a paper. By researching and gaining as much knowledge as attainable for my essay, each paragraph comes much easier for me and my thoughts flow much smoother. Looking through my ideas that are written on the paper I begin to organize them by creating an outline, starting with the introduction, then the body paragraphs, and ending with the conclusion. I make sure to separate my thoughts and ideas into each paragraph based on topic and then I continue by writing transition sentences to make the essay flow well. When I do complete an outline my essay is always much more organized and easier to write. My outline gives me a huge advantage once I start writing my rough draft, making it go much

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