Reflection In College English Class

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Written language is a trait known to be only possessed by mankind. Although other species may have audible forms of communication, man is able to record and document his thoughts, feelings, or events that have unfolded in a way that can be viewed multiple times without him having to use his voice over and over. Literacy is a skill that adults in the United States are expected to have; but the level of your literacy says a lot about you and can have a tremendous impact on what career you end up in. For this reason, this college English class is a requirement for all those seeking a degree. Not only did I learn how to think of subjects and topics more objectively, but I learned a multitude of different modes and strategies I can employ in my writing.
Before taking this class, I had most only
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Learning different modes of writing and putting them into practice will allow me to be able to approach different subjects with an appropriate style. Although I had learned to use only academically credible sources before, I had become too lax and this class put me back on the right track of being aware. I have only done papers in APA format for the past two years, so this class was a nice refresher on MLA format. I think it’s important to be fluent in both; while in college you never know if different teachers will require a different format than others. Beyond improving my writing ability, this class achieved its critical thinking development goal as well. By having me take familiar events, but write about them in a way I hadn’t done before caused me to have to think about them in a different light. Being able to analyze situations and data is one of the most important skills you can possess in life. It is a skill that can be developed and improved, and we have no reason not to. I now feel more confident in my ability to convey my positions on topics, and general writing ability as

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