Summative assessment

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  • Summative Assessment

    In much of education today, summative assessment is the primary focus; certainly in Texas, where I have taught for the past twelve years, schools have applied much of their efforts to the TAAS, TAKS, and now STAAR. Given, however, that these tests occur on a single day once a year per assessment, the focus placed on them is quite out of proportion; once they are done, the opportunity for students to improve has passed. Instead, assessment that takes into account a variety of performances, that gives educators a better idea of the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and that is a fundamental part of the learning process is needed. In Scenario1, the final grade for the course consists of multiple-choice quizzes, a final exam, and class participation,…

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  • Formative And Summative Assessment

    Assessment is an essential part of teaching and learning. Assessment informs me how I teach, and how I should design or change the curriculum to meet with the students’ needs to support their learning. Assessment is also useful for me to provide the students meaningful feedbacks on their learning progress so that they know where they are and what they should do to develop their learning. Assessment can be formative and summative (Griffin, 2014). In my previous placement, I had the opportunities…

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  • Summative Classroom Assessment

    use assessments in the classroom to gauge how the students are doing in class and what the students need help with in understanding the content that is being taught. According to an article published by Techniques” Connecting Education and Careers. “online assessments are always positive because they provide immediate feedback and data” (Bonomo, 2016, pg.9). Using assessments in the classroom is a necessary tool that educators must utilize in order to guarantee the success of the students.…

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  • Performance Assessment: Summative Assessment

    Summative assessment tells both the teacher and the student what areas are clear to the student, and which will require more work. (Summative Assessment - University of Alberta) It is all about creating a summative performance assessment for the unit at the end of the lesson. The goal by the end of the unit is to have a performance assessment and corresponding rubric used to assess levels of mastery related to quality, proficiency, performance, and understanding. (April) Performance…

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  • English Summative Assessment

    English class. Both students are immigrants who came to the United States at a young age. Vincents’ first language is Spanish, which he also speaks at home with his parents. Currently proficient at the 2nd grade level, which puts him six levels below his current grade level. This could be attributed to the fact that his education was interrupted and he did not start school until he was 5 years old. The first language used by Mingyu is Chinese. Mingyus’ current ELL proficiency level is 6, which…

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  • Analyse The Importance Of Summative Assessment

    Assessment is the process used to gather information in order to develop an in-depth understanding of a student 's knowledge and a way to determine what they have learnt during a particular programme or course. Ann Gravells states that assessment is a way to ascertain if the learner has gained the required skills and knowledge needed towards their programme of learning. Assessment can also be used to determine any additional support needs a learner may have to ensure they are met efficiently.…

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  • Formative And Summative Developmental Assessments

    Developmental assessments use a diverse array of procedures to collect information about the learning and instruction of children. These assessments help instructors create learning environments that cater to the needs of students, whether this is from birth to pre-K and kindergarten to age 8. Formative and summative assessment represents two types of developmental assessments with specific purposes. Formative assessment, otherwise known as assessment for learning, focuses on keeping track of a…

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  • Difference Between Formative And Summative Assessments

    Assessment is an important aspect of instruction and should be performed frequently. Not all children are the same, and we need to evaluate them in order to help them and teach them. The term of Assessment, different from the term of evaluation means to gather information. Formative assessments and summative assessments will create a documented history of a child’s performance. Assessing academic, physical, and social behaviors of each child will provide the teacher with knowledge regarding…

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  • Data Collection And Data Analysis

    countless meetings discussing data are all tasks involved in the teaching profession. Assessments and data collection have been known to be the most popular, disliked task for educators (Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement). Data has become a sole component coming from research materials, developing conclusions, and improving behaviors. In the educational system, data has become a means of measuring goals and objectives that comes from both formative and summative assessments.…

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  • Small Group Plan Essay

    I consistently used a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the subject taught. Based on the formative diagnostic assessment tools I identified learner needs, informed instruction, and drove the learning process. I made connections with the students and realized how each student learned, how they worked, and the progress they made throughout this unit. This field experience, which made me achieve a stronger background in content knowledge, pedagogical theory, and teaching methods, provides…

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