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  • A Split Attention Effect In Working Memory Study

    A Split Attention Effect in Multimedia Learning: Evidence for Dual Processing Systems in Working Memory, written by Robert E. Mayer and Roxana Moreno, discusses a study that tested students’ ability to successfully and effectively process information from two different stimuli at once. Mayer and Moreno found that students were able to perform better on recall tests when presented with an auditory list of instructions rather than a visual one. The purpose of the study, according to Mayer and…

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  • Involvement In Vietnam

    Both China and the Soviet Union aided and reinforced Vietnam during the Vietnam War; however they each helped Vietnam differently and had a dissimilar advice and counsel to Vietnam. With both China and Soviet Union, Ho Chi Minh never accepted direction from either of them, as he did with the French and the Japanese, but he does in fact receive openly their help and support for the war. Ho remains independent concerning the decisions made in North Vietnam, he is not dependent on the Soviet…

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  • Case Study Santander Acquires Abbey The Jack Project

    1994, BS acquired Banesto. Although this bank was in deep trouble at that time, Santander top managers saw value in Banesto’s IT system and governance. Alfredo Sa´enz and Jose´ Marı´a Fuster6 had overseen the building of Parteno´n, a completely new core banking system, from scratch at a cost of h70m. Following the acquisition Sa´enz remained as Banesto chairman, and Banesto remained a quasi-autonomous firm. Banesto served as a test-bed for new technology and a business model for GS’s…

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