Personal Narrative: Ballet Of Two Brains

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Ballet of Two Brains

Doubt, it is the whisper through the night, the cold wind that makes christian 's skin pucker up with goosebumps full of fear and anxiety birthed by the difficult questions. The question that makes a room full of people feel like a raging sea of Sunday school answers answer you were given in 5 grade. Along with people digging trenches packing up their love and concern for you distancing themselves with those words, "I 'll be praying for you," leave you walking away feeling even more alone than you did before. Why is it that we can 't sit in the shadow of the valleys? Why can 't we sit in the darkness with no answers and not feel so alone? Why must we have all the answers? Why do we doubt, have no faith, and still go back to a building with that cross that sometimes feels more like a minefield in enemy lines then a building full of people who love you and would give you a room and food if your life fell apart in a heartbeat?

These are the valleys I 've walked though as I 've gone thru my deconstruction and as I try to reconstruct still, these are the questions I 've asked my self, these are feeling I 've felt. The hard fact is that the current state of the US tells us that there’s a decline in religiosity and
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We are brought up in a world of pink and blue, good and bad, atheist and christian feeding our right brains and leaving our left brain looking like the emaciated Buddha. The mental aches you feel when you encounter cognitive dissonance should not be crippling but freeing. When you experience doubt it is not the time to brush it off. The aching you feel is your brain trying to make sense of two competing ideas or concepts. This is not a bad thing cognitive dissonance is a part of life. Even Paul said, “For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” Doubt isn 't sin but the the state of being aware human nature

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