Grammar Revolution Video Analysis

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Watching the video titled, Grammar Revolution did my heart good as it showed me that there are highly educated, dedicated teachers and lovers of the English language unable to agree among themselves how to teach grammar to children. The views of the “Stuffy English” crowd versus the “Practical English” people were quite humorous to watch at times because if they can’t agree then what hope does the average person like me have? With that being said, let’s examine the theme that this video brought up that the state of teaching English grammar is in chaos. As hard as math is to teach, the one thing going for it is that there are formulas and rules that don’t change. If a student can learn these formulas then he or she is halfway there …show more content…
My point is that the teaching of grammar to kids is not like any other subject. Even though my experience in the formal learning of grammar didn’t go so well for me in the upper levels of High School, I understand how important it is to have a firm foundation when it comes to understanding how the written language works. It’s obvious that grammar isn’t being taught to the masses of High School students unless you are enrolled in the classes for the Advanced Placement classes (AP classes). This is something that the video discussed in that many of the poorer schools have dumbed down the teaching of grammar to the point where most have a deficiency when they reach college. In Grammar Revolution, one African American woman was interviewed about her experiences and she admitted that she had to learn “proper grammar” when she began attending a majority white college in order to fit into the college culture. It was evident that the predominantly black High School she attended didn’t teach grammar to the level that she needed. I suppose that’s the experiences of many students that struggle with college English in that many don’t have the proper foundation of the English

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