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  • Film Directors Style

    This paper is a deep exploration of the cinematic world, focusing primarily on film directors, their styles and trademarks. This research paper endeavors to give a better understanding of the film world by answering a three part question: How does a film director develop his style and use trademarks to portray or affect viewers to his liking, using tools of film such as music, camera angles, post production, and the like; What are the elements that make up a film director’s style and what makes an individual’s style palpable and immediately evident? And finally, how does the director use his style and trademarks to tell the story and affect the viewer in keeping with his/her interpretation? This paper aims to answer these questions by comparing and contrasting different film directors styles and…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Film Director

    There was a time when I doubted myself because I was unsure of the future, questioning whether I want to be a film director or a sound designer. I decided my calling was film directing and nothing else. Ever since then like an endless loop of reruns it kept playing through my head, “Did I make the right decision?” I attended university and decided to major in recording arts; it was my ticket into the film world and pursues what I am passionate about. I minored in journalism to experience…

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  • Career-Director: A Career In Film Directing

    Career- Director (Film) Research Paper I. Introduction to the career of directing Steve Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott Joss Whedon and Kathryn Bigelow are not only influential personalities and globally admired celebrities but also celebrated motion picture directors whose works will live through human history. These film directors are proof that a career in film directing is one of the few that present an opportunity for creative minds to influence history and re-write humanity’s…

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  • Analysis Of Danny Boyle's The Auteur Theory

    It compares the film director to the author of a book, it attributes artistic control to the…

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  • Titanic Film Analysis

    Titanic, is really a touching love story. The Director of the film is James Cameron. The main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. Both the rich and the poor are on board. The ship clashes against an iceberg. The passengers give priority to female gender and children. This calamity strikes at the middle of the film. The ship is thought to be unsinkable. However when it hits an ice burg, it tragically sinks. Hearing people cry like folks while floating on water is so emotional. The tide draws breath and…

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  • The Tree Of Life Essay

    The Tree of Life is a film about a family who lives in a small town in Texas, that takes place in the 1950s. There are three brothers in the film. The main focus is about the eldest brother growing up and following his life. I think the film is Jack reflecting on his life as an adult and figuring out some why his brother had died. The film discusses the relationships between Jack, his father, and mother. Jack has a great relationship with his mother, but not his father. In the film, Jack’s…

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  • An Analysis Of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

    covering the basic idea of the theory, the differences remain evident. This essay seeks to demonstrate not only that Rear Window (1954) is a clear example of auteur cinema but also that Alfred Hitchcock himself should be considered as an indisputable auteur. Firstly, it will define an auteur as a film director whose cinema is conceived as an art form that allows him to express his personal thoughts and views using exclusively cinematographic language. Thus creating a personal style adopted as a…

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  • Transformational Leadership In Sports

    that the most effective leaders use a collection of leadership at just the right time (Goleman). Successful leaders have to have the flexibility to adapt to complex situations. Becoming an owner of a NFL franchise would certainly present a significant challenge to Spielberg, but his decisiveness and desire to be challenged would eventually allow him to persevere. On leadership Spielberg once stated, “I just think that the qualities of leadership are unknown even to the leader until he’s tested…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Kung Fury

    thirty-one minute film Kung Fury. The film Kung Fury has a crazy plot, B-rated quality, and an abundance of all things that makes up the eighties. Kung Fury has taken the internet by storm especially for those like myself who love the perfect train wreck that was the eighties. David Sandberg, the director of the film and Kung Fury himself, said in an interview that the film was a love letter to the eighties. Despite Kung Fury’s obvious silliness the film is extremely self-aware of what it is and…

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  • What If Film Analysis

    The Canadian film “What If” also known as “The F Word” is like many cliché romance films. Add in some quirkiness, awkward moments, realization that the main characters are falling in love and then they live happily ever after. Before I get into why I didn’t favor this film unlike the others who rated it 7/10 I’ll give a synopsis. “What If” is based on the main character Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe), a medical school dropout who is trying to recover from a broken heart. His over-the-top best friend…

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