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  • Analysis Of Danny Boyle's The Auteur Theory

    he met a lot of addicts and got them to talk to the actors and held "cookery classes" where the actors learnt how to cook up. Ewan McGregor also read all the books he could find on the subject. Ewan McGregor was the only advance casting the team made - all the other actors had to audition. Robert Carlyle expects to play the lead in a film but he accepted playing a part under McGregor so the team "knew [they] were getting thoroughbreds all the way down". The film was criticised for its "neutral attitude" to drugs but Boyle said that patronising and preaching to today's youth was pointless and…

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  • Brief Summary: The Most Dangerous Game

    Rainsford woke up that morning from the best night’s sleep he has ever had. He wakes up like it is a normal morning in New York, he changes into new clothes and makes himself some breakfast. After Rainsford had a wonderful homemade breakfast he decided to do some exploring of the house. Upstairs in General Zaroff’s room he found a huge safe filled with guns and ammo. These guns were illegal to own in the United States and Rainsford was wondering where he could possibly get such rare infantry. He…

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  • Brief Summary Of Jacob's Grandpa Portman

    When first beginning to read this novel the reader may think that it is just about a boy and his grandfather, but in actuality it is about a boy discovering the stories his grandpa told him. In the novel a boy named Jacob has a grandpa that tells him stories from his childhood, but Jacob does not know if they are true. Jacob sets out to the island to find what his grandpa had told him about. He discovers a girl that used to be in love with his grandfather and catches her interest. Golan a right…

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  • Comparison Of Douglas Mcgregor's Theory X And Theory Y

    Douglas McGregor was an American Social Psychologist. He was born in 1906 in Detroit, MI., and passed away October 1, 1964, in Massachusetts at the age of 58. He studied at Harvard University, where he later became a professor. Later in his career, McGregor became president of Antioch College in 1948. Douglas was president there for six years. McGregor had an informal teaching style. Most students recall him sitting with his feet up on the desk or walking around jangling keys or coins as he…

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  • Analysis Of Mcgregor's Theory X And Ethical Behavior

    1. McGregor published Theory X and Theory Y over 30 years ago. Do we still have Theory X managers? Why? There is no doubt in my mind that today, 30 years later, we still have Theory X managers. According with McGregor Theory X, managers tend to have a negative, pessimistic view of employees and display more coercive, autocratic leadership styles using external means of controls, such as threats and punishment. Additionally, their attitudes hold that employees dislike work and must be closely…

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  • Theory Y And Theory X Analysis

    In this essay, both of McGregor’s concepts of ‘Theory Y’ and ‘Theory X’ (McGregor, 1960) will be explored. However, it must be mentioned from the outset that one can argue to a greater extent that Theory X provides a more universal approach towards management within the leisure industry. Despite this, some elements of Theory X are undoubtedly outdated. The autocratic style of Theory X leadership no longer governs industries as effectively as it once did – due to many factors including an…

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  • Gregor Case Study Autocratic Leadership

    In this case study, two officers under the leadership of Officer Maynard, have about a year left until retirement. They seem to have lost all motivation to perform their duties to the highest standard and have become a distraction on the shift and to their fellow officers as a result. Both officers appear to have also decided to distance themselves from their fellow officers and basically skate until it’s time for their retirement. It appears as both of these officers have lost their motivation…

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  • Theory Y By Douglas Mcgregor: Theory X And Theory Y

    Theory X and Theory Y by Douglas McGregor, summarizes a difference between management styles in that Theory X is an authoritarian style which assumes employees are naturally unmotivated, and Theory Y is a participative style and assumes that employees are self-motivated and enjoy working with greater responsibility (Mindtools, n.d.). In my workplace, I am more partial to Theory Y. I think that unless personally observed, managers should not just assume that otherwise mature, responsible adults…

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  • Organizational Structure Analysis

    acquiesces accountability and a strong sense of togetherness to accomplish whatever objectives. Excellent communication skills is the most important strategy for superior management, however, there are several principles in management that when followed create effective leadership. In today’s world, when technology is as accessible as it is, when there is so much global trade, the places from which there was a competitive advantage have deteriorated. What remains the differentiator between…

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  • Black Hawk Down Pros And Cons

    Black Hawk Down Black Hawk Down is a thrilling and dramatic film directed by Ridley Scott and starting Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, and Tom Sizemoret. The film is based on the best-selling book by the same name written by Mark Bowden (22), describing the events of the 1993 mission in Somalia, Africa. Mohamed Farrah Aidid, the faction leader of Somalia was a man “who lead his militia into years if civil war, bringing famine and virtual anarchy” (Mohamed). In response to the chaos brought on by…

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