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  • Seven Psychopaths Analysis

    Leah Jennings Gish Screening Essay Seven Psychopaths The film I watched at the Gish Theatre on Tuesday November 3rd with my entire recitation class with Alesa McGregor. The film Seven Psychopaths is written and directed by Oscar-winner Martin McDonagh. The comedy Seven Psychopaths follows a struggling screenwriter (Colin Farrell) who unintentionally becomes intertwined in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his friends (Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell) kidnap a gangster's (Woody…

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  • Food Inc Techniques

    and each movie they see will have either the same or different theme. Whether we are watching an action packed or a crime film, the theme of the movie is the most important part. There are films that have had the same concept and have been great in the box office. For example Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War, both are talking about the same concept. Directors do this because, of the demand of what people want to see this year. A lot of techniques are used to create themes, and…

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  • Dogma 95 Movie Analysis

    rules of Dogma 95 were written down in 1995 by danish filmmakers Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. One of the rules is that the director is not to be mentioned. The model Dogma film is The idiots. This film gains the special cinematographic value from the imperfections occurring. With amateur actors, improvised scripts, shakily shot scenes and blurry pictures the film looks like a cheap documentary. Producer and documentary maker Sophie Fiennes talked to Lars von Trier in her 10 minute…

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  • Realism In Film Making In 'La Haine'

    story. Beside the director, a movie that we watch is a collective effort of many specialist artists and technicians. Each has their own ways of highlighting their views to the audience. These film styles can be defined as political, economical and social representation of the director’s point of view. The film making styles can also have an effect on the audience’s perception of the movie. Realism and formalism are to major styles of film making that is used by most of the directors to present…

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  • The Departed Film Analysis

    1. Over a hundred people were involved in the production of this film. The entire cast and crew are not given equal credit in most films. The majority of the camera crew and other production workers are not given as much credit for their work as the actors and director/producers, even though they play a huge role in the development and production of the movie. The making of a huge blockbuster like ‘The Departed’ involves the use of an immense crew. There is a large-scale division of labor as…

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  • John Persichetti Essay

    worked on more than Fifty Feature films as the DI (Digital intermediate) over 24 years working in the film industry. Before John made it big in the industry, he studied a "B.A, English, Communication Arts at La Salle University and a MFA, Film and New York University."(Colourworks,2014) and then later went to work for Sony Pictures Entertainment as a Colourist, now he works at Colourworks as a DI. John has worked with some of the leading cinematographers and directors including "James L.…

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  • Citizenfour Film Analysis

    successful is that it takes a would-be traitor and turns him into a heroic icon. The director and filmmaker, Laura Poitras, seemed perfect for the role to construct such a thought provoking thriller. Her past basically speaks for itself; Citizenfour is the third film in her post 9/11 trilogy. Because of the type of film’s she’s worked on, she was placed on the government secret watch list. In a way, her past film from 2006, My Country, My Country, was something that helped get this one made in…

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  • An Analysis Of Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

    early Jordan brand commercials and questioning who this is. Little do you know that the man who plays the character is actually an influential filmmaker who created many films relating to the problems regarding race and society. This man’s name is Shelton Lee, or better known as Spike Lee to the rest of the world. Just through films, Spike Lee was able to stir up controversies within society through his bold statements while also revealing the darker aspects of world. By understanding more on…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Props In Film

    Props is another factor of iconography that is used and shown in these four films. Props are important in films, because it helps gets certain messages across, makes scenes more authentic, and they also have symbolism. Props used in the four films have meanings and symbolism behind them. For example, the totem in Inception symbolizes reality; whether the characters are dreaming or are in real life. Cobb's totem is a spinning top, and he uses this to test whether he is in reality or not. If it…

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  • Camera Operator Research Paper

    becoming a director—then the camera operator's job is for you. A camera operator is the one who sits behind the camera and moves it on its tripod to follow the action. The camera operator's eye sees what is being shot, which gives him an authority to call for another take if something looks wrong on a shot. Thanks to the growth of the TV industry and the addition of commercial advertising to TV, camera operators became indispensable members of the print and film industries. Directors now rely on…

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