Why I Want To Be A Film Director

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There was a time when I doubted myself because I was unsure of the future, questioning whether I want to be a film director or a sound designer. I decided my calling was film directing and nothing else. Ever since then like an endless loop of reruns it kept playing through my head, “Did I make the right decision?”

I attended university and decided to major in recording arts; it was my ticket into the film world and pursues what I am passionate about. I minored in journalism to experience things from the perspective of a reporter and see the world through different lenses. I decided to do an exchange program at UCLA over one summer to study film directing, I did my best to learn and absorb things as deeply as I can. There are two big lessons I picked up from this trip, one is to trust my instincts, which was drilled into my mind by our professor, he told us to “ Hold tight to your passions, Keep your dream because without it there are no dreams in this world!” These words struck a cord with me, prompting me to take pride in my dreams and work hard to make sure it comes true.

College became my platform to achieve my dream. I did everything to ensure that I reached my goal, spending all my time at doing performances, theater work, trying to perfect my craft. The times that I didn’t spend in school were also times of study, participating is movie
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This opportunity is once in a lifetime and it has erased my self-doubt. It is clear in my head that each and every one of us struggles and each struggle is a building block for success. I am at a point where I probably wouldn’t dream of being three years ago, no hesitation and no fear of the future because we all started out somewhere. Much like those that came before me we all had to start from scratch and even great film directors started out somewhere! Tenacity and love is what drives me to pursue my dream to be in

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