Narrative Essay On When Calls The Heart

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With an abundance of new characters in “When Calls the Heart” this season, sometimes only the most observant viewers might notice the handful of smaller roles that pop up now and then on the show. I was immeasurably excited when I finally figured out who the character Katie Yost was, and once I connected with the actress who portrays her, Larissa Albequerque, I knew at once that I wanted to find out more about this young actress. Thankfully, she was able to set aside some time recently to chat about WCTH as well as give insight into the occasionally overlooked Katie Yost.

What inspired you to become an actress?

From the time I was 7 or so, I was fascinated with acting. I loved film, theater, and television because it let people escape for
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There is an episode where the fate of Pastor Frank Hogan is being decided. The whole town is there in the church, and we are listening to him talk. It is a truly serious scene. There is a vote about whether hs is going to be kicked out or not. The scene went perfectly, and it really affected one of the members of the crew. So right at the end of this serious scene, we heard a voice call out “And Dance Party!” And for the next five minutes, there was dance music and the entire cast and crew erupted into a dance party. It was like a “When Calls the Heart” flash mob! I love the fact that I know the behind-the-scenes stuff now when I watch the shows because it just makes it more fun for me. It was definitely a time when we celebrated as a cast and a crew just how much of a community and family we had …show more content…
Additionally, Larissa has a sound head for her career path as well as a kind and supportive heart--not to mention her fantastic abilities that she continues to hone daily. As she has now completed her degree program, she can focus solely on her passion for acting in life, and I can only hope that her lovely face will grace the Hallmark channel for many years to come. Don’t forget to watch her on the finale of “When Calls the Heart” on the Hallmark Channel Sunday, April 10. Furthermore, be sure to follow this gifted beauty on social media in order to keep current with all her many

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