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  • Credence Wes Anderson: Auteur In Movies

    The director could be considered the author of a film they make. The French denoted the term auteur for “Hollywood directors who they felt had created a distinctive approach to filmmaking while working within the Hollywood studio system” (33). Americans started picking up the term as well, and then famous directors with certain styles started being known as auteurs. The director’s style crosses over into their films. These are directors like Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson, Spike Lee, David…

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  • The Vanishing Film Analysis

    audience by the director George Sluizer. The remake of the original movie was made in 1993 in a Hollywood atmosphere with the names of popular american celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Kiefer Sutherland. The American remake possesses the same director as in the original movie, George Sluizer. The American remake of the vanishing was intended to fit the needs and expectations of a very high and demanding American crowd. In the remake of the film the director really conveys what type of film…

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  • M Night Shyamalan Split Analysis

    The collaboration needed to make a film, much less a quality film, is enormous. Many people are needed to make a production work: screenwriters, cinematographers, composers, etc. The director is one of the most important elements and his or her interpretation of a screenplay can make or break a film. As stated in Persistence of Vision: An Introduction to Film Appreciation, “An auteur is a director that has garnered enough influence that they have total artistic control over the entire…

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  • History Of Film Directing

    get two.” - David Fincher, director of Fight Club and The Social Network spoke these words about film directing. Those words can truly sum up the rewarding yet stressful career of a film director. Film is a broad spectrum that has been shaped throughout history, from silent films to the invention of sound and color. To advance in the film industry, directors need to have a certain skill set, and obtain a film degree, or a media production degree. During the pre film era of the 1920s, optical…

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  • Analysis Of The Film Stuck In Love

    In the film industry the genre romance is defined as wherein the plot revolves around the love of two progantist. Even though the film Stuck in Love falls under this genre, the film is nowhere near similar to the cheesy romance films that are popular in today 's teen culture. Stuck in Love was produced and directed by Josh Boone. At such a young age director Josh Boone does multiple of other things within the film industry. Not only is Boone is a director but he is also a screenplay writer. He…

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  • Essay On Auteur Theory

    common to all of his works as his signature on his films, indicating him as such, an auteur. Does Quentin Tarantino fit that mold? Many say yes and many say no. We will discuss in this paper and let evidence show. Auteur theory is the theory of filmmaking in which the director is considered the major force behind the creative aspects in a film. It came from an influential group of the 1950’s French film critics and filmmakers. In short, the director is in a position that is unique and…

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  • Thomas Vinterberg's Far From The Madding Crowd

    MADDING CROWD (AN ART FILM) An art film or art cinema is typically a serious, independent film aimed at a niche market rather than a mass market audience. It is intended to be a serious artistic work, which is experimental and not adhere to mass audience. They are made basically for aesthetic reasons than commercial profit, and contain exceptional or highly individualistic content. It includes, among other elements, a social realism style, an emphasizing on the passion of the director. It…

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  • Creativity In Film Essay

    of art that everyone sees differently. When a filmmaker, is making a film he/she will try to show the viewer its perspective through different forms of art, art such as: shots, setting, story boards, and the film itself. In Peter Weir: Interviews Boyd stated that, “it takes a while to master the art and craft of Cinematography”(pg. 24) it is not easy to make a film without visuals and art. Creativity is essential in making a film the best it can be. The creativity allows a filmmaker to show its…

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  • Comparative Analysis Movie

    December 4, 2016 Director Comparative Analysis When looking for a director I started by searching for one that did the genre that I love so much. This genre being comedy and while searching I came across a director by the name of Tom Shadyac. He is a director known for his comedic films and collaborations with Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphey. The Three films I choose by him were “The Nutty Professor”, “Ace Ventura: The Pet Detective”, and “Bruce All Mighty”. All three of these films come from the…

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  • 4 Little Girls Film Review

    in Hollywood, the American film director, producer and actor - Spike Lee, Debbie Reynolds (American actress, singer, dancer and film historian) and the American film, stage and television actress - Gena Rowlands, were all given an Honorary Oscar for their contributions to the film industry. Spike Lee, who has produced over 35 films since 1983, has never won an Oscar in spite of the previous nominations for Best Original Screenplay for 1989's American comedy-drama film - Do the Right Thing and…

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