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  • Psychedelic Film Analysis

    A Glimpse into Psychedelic Films and their Development from 1961-2011 Runtime (48:42) Laura Bluhm Psychedelic films are most widely known for consisting of a series of images in which take on form of each other and provide a distorted reality for the viewer. One of the many intentions of a psychedelic film is to emphasize on the imagery, which is put together as a sequence to disrupt the viewer 's understanding of a normal reality. The films used in this screening focus on and uses surrealism…

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  • Brett Ratner

    Ratner is the name signed behind Rush Hour film series as a director. He is most famous by that endeavor. Other notable works as a director and producer include, “The Family Man”, “X-Men: The Last Stand” and “Tower Heist”. His eye has been behind the director camera since 1990. So how much exactly is Brett Ratner rich? According to sources it is estimated that Brett Ratner`s net worth is $65 million. Amount gained mostly by successful productions of films, but his career also expands onto the…

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  • Spike Lee Informative Speech

    Many directors are in the business for the money, the fame, and the glory. They wish to seek acceptance from their peers while trying not to step on the toes of others. Spike Lee is not one of those directors. Spike has this aura about him, which you could easily distinguish due to his, dare I say, “short” stature. He seems to be the type to stick up for the little guy because he in fact one of the little guys. His burst onto the scene was accelerated due to the racial tensions present during…

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  • Everything Bad Good For You Analysis

    waiting to see what the next update will be, from movie films to the latest desktop versions. Movies have become a very deep societal and political frame of what Americans have encountered throughout the years. Some critics argue movie display as a moral decline in America. Due to the variety of visual aspects, films have increasingly challenged the brain over the years. The story plot in films such as “Edward Scissorhands” from well- known film director Tim Burton, have revolutionized over the…

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  • Afghanistan By Choice Rhetorical Analysis

    the film director, Alexandria Bombach, appeals to pathos through the juxtaposition of settings and individuals. Her emphasis on pathos conveys the difficulty of leaving one’s country, thus abandoning his or her lifestyle; furthermore, the film director hopes to show the audience why leaving is such a hard decision for Afghans to make. The audience can see how Alexandria Bombach appeals to pathos by juxtaposing different settings in Afghanistan to manipulate the audience’s emotions. The film…

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  • Gender Inequality In The Film Industry

    Women and film, they have being making movies since the beginning of filmmaking and they have always being suppressed by the film industry. Women never really managed to get the space and respect that they deserve with film. From 1896 when the first women made a movie to now 2016, 120 years later not a lot has changed in the industry. They are still not being employed as much as men, nor are they making the same amount of money as men and they are defiantly not getting recognizing by the awards.…

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  • Inception Movie Essay

    Albert Huang Mr. Robbins Period 5 3/14/15 Strength of the idea In the conversation defining the all-time greatest director in the movie industry, several names, may never be absent. Among those that legend isn’t a powerful enough word to describe their merits, one name has appeared like the transit of Venus. It’s never as magnificent as the darkness of an eclipse, but has attracted countless followers with its distinctive glamour. It’s always close by the orbit of our lives, but yet so far away…

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  • Days Of Heaven Analysis

    The film I have been assigned is called “Days of heaven” and it was directed by Terrence Malick. Days of heaven was released September 13th, 1978. I wasn’t very fond of Days of heaven, because although the art and scenery of the movie are well crafted that is not all it takes for a movie to be perceived as good. Unfortunately, due to the lack of dullness of the story itself I cannot acclaim Days of heaven a good movie. The film in my personal opinion is very bland and boring, despite the…

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  • Case Study: River Film

    production company “River Film”. River Film creates and develops films, initially specialized in films for the property and development sector, but now they work across a variety of sectors and industries (River Film, 2016) According to the business director (Alastair Young), River Film is a business to business communication with a corporative work structure, which it’s not the type of work that creative consumer driven advertising agencies are looking for when commissioning film production…

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  • Modern Times: Charlie Chaplin

    mentions his name some may tend to only think of the context of his wonderful films and also the backlash or appraisal that those films may have gotten. However, how many people really understand how this man operates as he is directing his own films? How dedicated is he as he is directing each portion of the film? There is a reason why his films are thought to be so successful. Are they successful because of the context of each film? What tactics does this man use to create such wonderful…

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