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  • Research Paper On Green Fish

    pieces of seaweed around her plate Benny was shocked when his father told him the news. “Son, it isn’t that your mother and I don’t love you any less than your other siblings. We just know that you are going to be something great, and keeping you here would hinder your possibilities.” The thing that hurt Benny the most was the monotone sound coming from his father. There weren’t tears, choking up, or even any variety in his father’s gruff voice. Not wanting to hear anything else Benny swam up to his room. Since Benny was a fish he didn’t have many things to take with him besides his dreams in his head. “Benny, we really do love you.” His mother’s honey like voice rang out behind him. He could hear the guilt in her voice as she ran a pink fin across his mucky green scales. “You may have to leave us, but someone will love you for you. Someone won’t judge you for your looks, but for what you have up here.” She says poking his head. “They want my head?” Benny shouts upset by the fact that people would want his head. Why would you want someone like that? “No, they would want you for your brain. That is why you cannot stay here. You have to go somewhere where people don’t judge you for your looks, but for your brains. You are a special fish Benny, and I am proud to be your mom.” With that she pressed a kiss to his cheek before Benny swam off. Ten years later Benny wasn’t that naïve five year old fish that was disowned by his family. He swam around the big blue ocean watching other…

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  • Blue Whales Habitat

    The blue whale is the largest animal in the world weighing in at 180 tonnes and an average of 30m in length. The blue whale is part of the Chordata phylum as it body possesses a notochord, an endostyle, pharyngeal slits and a post anal tail. The blue whales body is a blue-greyish colour on the top and on its underbelly it is somewhat lighter. The blue whale has a long and tapering body that is muscular when compared with other whales. Its head it a flat U-shape and has a ridge that runs from the…

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  • Summary Of The Extinction Of Sea Cow

    However, the professor argues that this theory is also unlikely. If this theory were true, the number of other marines, such as whale, should also decline, too. Yet, there is no evidence to support that the number of whales has declined. Lastly, the article suggests that the European fur trader should be responsible for the extinction of the sea cow. Again, the professor points out that this hypothesis is not supported by the fact. The number of sea cow became small 100 ago before the European…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Japan's Hunting Whales

    not really care about the global ban on whales. It has been reported that Japan will continue their hunting of whales after a 365 day drought. Japan seems convinced about the idea that whales don't deserve to live. It has been announced that Japan will only do it, however, on a limited level and it will not be a full on whale killing spree. SO MANY DISAGREE WITH JAPAN KILLING WHALES There are many environmental groups and various governments that completely disagree with what Japan is doing.…

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  • Pros And Cons Of International Whaling

    people do not realize that it is still a modern issue and has not slowed down. Certain countries like Japan and Norway have a bad reputation for the significant slaughter of whales. Factors such as low numbers and very slow reproduction rate play huge role also. This is causing an uproar in most places of world and scientists and animal rights activists are stepping up to offer help. Even killer and sperm whales have harmless nature and are not aggressive when they are left alone. Because of…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Whaling

    An Exemption for Whaling Do you agree with the Norwegian and Japanese position on permitting the hunting of non-endangered species of whales as a cultural exemption? In 1986, The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whale hunting. Only two countries challenged this ruling - Norway and Iceland. They are the only two countries today that still practice whale hunting commercially. Japan practices whale hunting for “scientific” purposes. At this rate, there’s nothing cultural…

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  • Whales Observation Report

    Whales are fancy creatures. They are considered as the biggest mammals in the world. An adult whale can grow up to 30 m long and 180 t weight. There are 7 different main species of this giant mammal such killer, Minke, Sei, humpback, right, finback, and blue. Whales are mostly considered as predators. The interesting thing about the whales is that they are considered as highly intelligent animals with emotion. the social behavior of whales. They live alone or in groups. However, they are mostly…

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  • Small Scale Whaling Should Be Banned Essay

    custom for countries to hunt vast amounts of these animals every year, resulting in many species of whale becoming endangered and a significant issue worldwide. Many organizations and countries have chosen to act upon this problem with bans and conservation strategies, but some have still been caught finding loopholes. Although whaling has been handled irresponsibly in the past, small-scale whaling should be considered acceptable, when new regulations are set in place so the action is much more…

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  • Dolphin Hunting Methods

    categories: odontocetes (toothed), and mysticetes (baleen). Dolphins fall into the larger category of cetaceans, which is odontocetes; this grouping also includes killer whales, porpoises, and narwhals. Odontocetes have one blowhole for breathing, unlike mysticetes which have two blowholes. Odontocetes are known to be social creatures and prefer to live in pods or groups (Marine Mammal Center). The socialness of dolphins plays a big role in their ability to hunt as pods, which is favored by…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Orca Captivity

    reality for many Orca whales captured from the wild, and sold into the entertainment business. There are currently 56 Orca whales in captivity around the world (The Fate of Captive Orcas). These animals are used solely for human entertainment. Orca whales are meant to be in the ocean, not in a concrete swimming pool. The captivity of Orcas must be terminated due to the danger the whales pose to trainers, and fellow whales, lack of proper care, and emotional suffering of the animals. In the wild…

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