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  • Silent Movies In The 1920's

    dream no matter their background. While people are creating their new dreams and hopes,Other places were finding ways to reward and recognize the film industry. As states,”the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) was founded in 1927 with Douglas Fairbanks as president, to recognize and reward excellence within the film industry. The AMPAS organization established the Academy Awards in the late 1920s and first announced them in February 1929” (Dirks).This is when award shows started to become something people would watch in hopes their favorite actress or movie would get the recognition it deserved. In Award history only two silent films were able to win an academy award for best picture. As mentioned, “There were two "Best Picture" winners: the financially successful anti-war film, William A. Wellman's Wings (1927) for Best Production and Sunrise (1927) for Best Unique and Artistic Picture (a category that was immediately dropped). Wings (1927), coming at the end of a cycle of films about WWI, featured exciting aerial combat sequences and starred Clara Bow and a young actor named Gary Cooper. These films were the only silent films ever to win the Academy Award for 'Best Picture'”(Dirks). Then later on, The Jazz Singer was declared ineligible for best picture but got its own special award. Some companies wanted to show movies that would give the audience a message. The MPPDA(Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America) a trade organization to lobby…

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  • Dyslexic Observation

    more books than all the kids who had participated, and I received my first academy award for this honor. From the first day of class in the fifth-grade, I was dedicated to achieving my goal of straight A's in every subject. This is also the first year that students switch classes Mr. Davis was my homeroom teacher. The subjects we cover in his classes were Social Studies; English, Spelling and I also had two other teachers in math and art/music. Math has always been my strongest subject after…

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  • Misrepresentation In Film

    According to a study done by USC, “across 100 top-grossing films of 2012, only 10.8 percent of speaking characters are Black, 4.2 percent are Hispanic, 5 percent are Asian, and 3.6 percent are from other (or mixed race) ethnicities.” Moreover, the remaining 76.3% roles in these films were given to White actors. Whitewashing and misrepresentation needs to stop because, Hollywood and many other forms of media don’t bother with casting POC in movies. Hollywood gets praised for this, and the white…

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  • Diversity In Hollywood Film Analysis

    Gender and racial inequality is the disease that keeps a stronghold on society’s attempt to move towards equal rights. This problem is strongly demonstrated in American Cinema. Christina Hoag (2016) states in her article, Diversity in Hollywood, “White males still dominate virtually all aspects of [the film industry].” Recent events have led to the discovery of unfair wages between male and female actors to racism in today’s award shows. In years prior, laws had to be placed in order for women…

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  • Analysis Of Casey Neistat's The Rest Of Us

    film-making and production. In the advertisement, it uses Casey Neistat, a famous YouTuber with over six-million subscribers, to deliver a powerful monologue about creativity. He is known for being a top filmmaker on YouTube, producing travel videos, big video productions, and daily vlogs. In this speech, he highlights what a creator does and how important one creator is. The advertisement shows different creators, from all different ages. The message given in this advertisement is that you can…

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  • Racism In Movies

    The historical nominations of the Academy and the exclusively white pattern of Oscar winners demonstrate how this is an urgent issue that must be addressed. African Americans are not treated as equals, and are not credited for their work as often as their white counterparts. All people deserve respect and to be looked at not as “black” or “white” but as a person. And each person should be given equal opportunity, and rewarded equally for their success. This opportunity doesn’t exist in the film…

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  • Problem Of Diversity In Movies

    easy enough. To avoid whitewashing, moviemakers should do what is right and put the right actor in the right role. Diversity in films should not surprise viewers as America are a diverse nation. It can also help with the tension between different races. Viewers will see the change as a positive step “to say that we recognize there is underrepresentation, and we’re going to do something about it” and should reflect beyond the movie industry (“Leading By Example”). The Award Academy has also…

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  • Arguments Against Racism In Hollywood

    Twenty years later, and the past two Academy Awards have had all white actresses and actors nominated as best roles. Why is this? As of 2015, Henriksen, a published reporter from the AltPress database, stated “The majority of the Oscar voters are nearly 94 percent Caucasian and 77 percent male” (Henriksen). There is a need for a more diverse Academy. I interviewed Michael Green, a professor at Arizona State University that focuses on racism in Hollywood, and he explained “the Oscars are not the…

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  • Morris Narrative

    twenty one, sits impatiently in her seat at a large wooden table. Bubbling with excitement she smiles while patiently waiting for an answer. PRODUCER, thirty nine, wears a sleek suit. Multiple awards from the producer hang up on the wall behind him. His Emmy Award is in the center of the table. Music plays in the b.g. Producer presses a button on the CD player. The song shuts off. PRODUCER Is this all you can do? BEYONCE No I have other tapes in my bag. She reaches into her purse about to…

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  • Rhyme Ad Analysis: Ralph Lauren Meme

    Sex has been used to sell products in American culture for decades. The alluring promiscuity of sexuality often involves exploiting women for their appearance. The first section of this analysis examines sexuality in the media. The notion that sex sells is typified in the Ralph Lauren perfume advertisement. A beautiful and blond woman is seen being kissed by a handsome young, male. The romantic ad catches the readers’ eyes, yet something is missing entirely from the advertisement: a…

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