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  • Misrepresentation In Film

    history of them, by casting a white male protagonist to portray Marsha P. Johnson, a black woman. It seems easier for hollywood to whitewash and completely erase the history behind these important events. These movies and actors are getting awards for the whitewashing of POC. The most recent example: the Oscar nominations. All of the nominees are white and the academy isn’t even bothering to try and include at least 4 or 5 asian or latinx directors or actors. It makes sense, because 94% of the academy is white, and the voters are well over 60 years of age, and male. One of the actors nominated is from the movie Creed, a spinoff from Rocky, it stars Michael B. Jordan, a black actor and Sylvester Stallone. Yet, Michael B. Jordan was not nominated for best actor, his supporting actor Sylvester Stallone was nominated for an Academy award however. The Academy is receiving backlash, and some prestigious actors are boycotting them this year. This isn’t something new for the Oscars though, throughout the 85 years of the Oscars, only 1 woman of colour has won best actress, and 7 men of colour have won best actor. This cycle of misrepresentation won’t end, until the Academy and many other awards shows act on their supposed promises for more diversity. Some people might say that there are already black led movies, and a lot of asian tv shows. However, when you look at the big picture, the majority of shows are still white led, and not only that but POC are getting cast into roles…

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  • Masculinity In The Film Creed

    the women who comes out to meet her tells her how Adonis had been in a fight again and Mary Anne does not seem the least surprised that he is always fighting. One example that goes against masculinity is the fact that Adonis forgives his father because he realizes that he did not leave him on purpose. In the article “Creed” And The Fight For Black Masculinity In Hollywood” it states; “Even though he’s spent his life fighting in his father’s shadow (in more ways than on), Mary Anne’s efforts…

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  • Analysis Of A Long Way Gone Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier By Ishmael

    Sudan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Rwanda, here are only a few countries in which children are used to fight and endure war up close. Throughout history and many cultures children have been used for direct part ( actual soldiers), support roles (spies and messengers), and even political advantages ( human shields and propaganda). This is the cruel reality that these children face everyday. During their time in an environment like this the children are indoctrinated by many different tactics. In A…

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  • A Long Way Gone Memoirs Of A Boy Analysis

    Doctrine into a child solider “If the first casualty of war is innocence, them perhaps with each bullet fired, bomb detonated, leader overthrown, wall built, economy destroyed and family member killed, we are not creating goodwill and harmony, but rather another child who believes violence is the only means to bring about change in the world” Michael Franti. If kids were being turned into soldiers at a young age what kind of a world is expected? They don’t know any better than then life style…

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  • Essay On Rocky Balboa

    of determination, from living a life of pain and misery and being given no chance at all in life, being called a ‘bum’, to getting one of the biggest chances of a lifetime that would never occur again. Rocky Balboa known as Sylvester Stallone is the definition of determination and an underdog story for the ages. Rocky Balboa had a hard life growing up - living in a small house, trying to make a living as a boxer. One fateful day he was given the opportunity of a lifetime. To fight the world…

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  • The Expendables Film Analysis

    The Expendables movies are an action and thriller film, written by David Callaham and Sylvester Stallone, and directed by Stallone, Stallone, himself also starred in the lead role. These movies, have a similar plot, in Expendables one, was about suicide mission and the second edition, was about murder, which is similar to the first edition. By comparing these two posters, first and second Expendables edition, we all can see the differences on how they promote and sell these movies. I choose this…

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  • Symbolism In The Film First Blood

    Tomatoes states that Kotcheff should receive credit for, “all but single-handedly turned that country's film industry around”. Kotcheff can be viewed as being a very successful director as he has directed films such as Fun with Dick and Jane as well as Who is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?. From examining the types of films that Kotcheff has directed, one can conclude he is a well-rounded successful actor. The lead actor in the film is Sylvester Stallone. Perhaps being one of the…

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  • Southpaw Film Analysis

    presence in history, Rocky's narrative, is one that cannot be ignored, because it is such a part of our collective conscious. "Creed" is the latest installment in this historic franchise, told through fresh eyes, Creed follows Adonis Johnson, the late Apollo Creed's illegitimate son. Told from his point of view, we see Adonis, played by Michael B. Jordan, deal with abondonment issues that haunt him to his very core. Full of the rage only a forgotten son can feel, and fueled by a hunger for the…

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  • Contextual Analysis: The Life And Work Of Burt Young

    He turned towards movies in 1971 with his first movie The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. His second feature was Cinderella Liberty in 1973. He came into limelight with his signature role in Rocky (1976) as Sylvester Stallone. He got nominated for the Best Supporting Actor at the Oscar, for the same. He was the one who made his appearance in all the Rocky films. He essayed many versatile roles in films like Chinatown, Back to School, The Pope of Greenwich Village, Once Upon A Time in…

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  • Rocky 3: How To Strengthen Your Motivation

    How to strengthen your motivation 9/15/2015 0 Comments I just finished watching one of the greatest movies of all time Rocky 3 and it has given me the idea to write my next post. In my previous post I discussed What is motivation? So, in this post I am going to write about How to strengthen your motivation. But, before I start, let me briefly tell you about the movie first. Rocky 3 is a 1982 American film written and directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone as the title character.…

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