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  • My Classroom Management Pl My Philosophy Of Education

    during the hour. There are three separate sections. Section one is located when you enter the classroom. There is a table with chairs the students are to sit at. Behind them are bookshelves that contain classroom textbooks, dictionaries, manipulatives for math lessons, and a shelf that contains extra notebook paper, fun worksheet activities and spelling lessons. There is a white board located in this section as well to teach daily lessons. The Reading Lab is located in the section that is behind it. The lab contains a bookshelf with Accelerated Reader books and bean bags for the students to sit and read when their work is completed. The larger section is located in the middle of the room. The main white board is in the middle in the front with student desks arranged in rows. My classroom rules, procedures, and expectations are posted on the board as well as Fire Drill and Tornado procedures, class hours, daily announcements, and Accelerated Reader point grading scales. In the back of the room, I have two student computers. This is also where my Chrome Books are located as well. Student white boards are located here as well. My desk is located at the back of the room in the corner. This is where my teacher computer, teacher books, and also my files are located. Classroom Rules and Expectations: Respect your teachers, classmates, and other faculty members. Be responsible – Bring all necessary materials when you come to class. Use your classroom time wisely to get work…

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  • Accelerated Reading Reflection

    As a young child at school, we had the Accelerated Reading Program. It was a program that encouraged children to read various books, and then after to take a quiz based on the books. This program really helped me, because the program pushed me to read more. Since I am bilingual, learning two languages as a child was a bit challenging for me, and learning how to read was even harder. I would sometimes mix up letters, vowels, and sometimes talk in Russian when I was supposed to talk in English.…

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  • Silent Reading In Schools

    and enjoyment to all children in order to enhance an ongoing interest in reading. Most of these supplemental reading programs are not very expensive and motivate the students to develop their reading skills with the minimal assistance of a teacher. The Accelerated Reader (AR) program (Paul, VanderZee, Rue & Swanson, 1996) is the most commonly used recreational/motivational reading program. It is the world’s most popular reading management software that has been used in nearly 65,000 schools in…

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  • Education: The Importance Of Diversity In Schools

    However, Mr. Dohrmann uses more technology than Mrs. Church does. In Mr. Dohrmann’s classroom, he has four iPads, and he also allows the students to bring in their tablets from home to use for school assignments. The fifth-grade class also has access to a computer lab where they take tests and have typing lessons. The students in Mr. Dohrmann’s class also use tablets and computers to take accelerated reader tests. Likewise, the students in Mrs. Church class also use computers for accelerated…

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  • The Importance Of Child Abuse In Education

    up the entire story with his constant questioning of me regarding the exact details. After his series of questions, Mr. Stanfield informed me that he would “see about that” when the twins got home from school. The twins were with me in my office when I contacted the father and I vividly remember both of them having this horrified look on their faces when I hung up the phone. I should have known at that time by looking at their faces that I had just made a huge mistake. Little did I know that the…

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  • Reflection On Accelerated Reader-Renaissance Learning

    As a child, learning to read and write was an important step in life. Our parents and schools made sure reading and writing was a part of our daily routine. Accelerated Reader-Renaissance Learning or AR, was how our teachers persuaded us to read. They made us take a reading test at the beginning of the school year that determined our reading level and what our AR goal would be. Each year our goal got higher and higher. We were to read a book, then take a ten question quiz over it in order to…

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  • Symbolism In Ou Re Thirty By San De Brilo

    Day commences by positioning the reader to acknowledge the past history of tattoos, and the significance they held before their original meanings were lost. She states that there were a sign of “deviance” and “criminality”, words which are infused with rebellion, distaste, and shock. By this effect, she conveys that tattoos have been historically looked down upon over the course of history. Consequently, the reader may seek to view those with tattoos in a less positive light, as they are…

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  • Character Analysis Of Raymond Carver's Cathedral By Raymond Carver

    Although, Robert was blind, which was constantly reminded throughout the entire story,he gave a seeing man eyes to become open minded and overlook him being prejudice. Towards the readers, Robert may seem to be an angel that opened the narrator mind to listen and eyes to see by letting Robert hold his hand to guide him back to enter he should be, the Cathedral. This would help him answer all of his problems and disconnect he…

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  • Suspense In Roald Dahl's Lamb To The Slaughter

    Both of these stories use different writing techniques that interest the readers, Lamb to the slaughter snags the reader and keeps capturing them until they reach the conclusion. Lamb to the Slaughter is written by Roald Dahl, the story intrigues the reader with its eerie suspense. In the story Mary seems like the perfect wife, but when her husband tells her some unfortunate news that she is dumbfounded by the story turns. Mary hits her husband with a chunk of lamb and he crashes to the floor…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of George Orwell's 'Shooting An Elephant'

    does not mean the others agree with them too. For example, in “Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell, the speaker ponders whether he should kill the elephant to please the people. Whether he shoots it or not, not everyone would be pleased with his decision.In addition, the speaker of “Shooting an Elephant” is a sub-divisional police officer and a lot of people hate him, thus leading him wanting to please the people by shooting the elephant. Orwell persuades the readers that under imperialism…

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