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  • Kangana Batti Character Analysis

    After a series of well- written scripts, it is the film that will test the star power of Kangana. Katti Batti could have been an important film. Designed to exploit Kangana Ranaut’s rebellious image, it is a film which examines the perks of a live-in relationship. It is also a film which tries to put a girl in control of the relationship. In a role reversal of sorts, she wants the relationship to be a time pass when the boy is looking for eternal love. When he talks of values, the lissom lass…

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  • The Camera Movement Analysis

    recognizable by indices which it alone can reveal” (Bresson, pg 106). These certain states of soul represent our experience as a viewer seeing through the 'eye ' of an embodied subject. As cinematography is the means of creative film making through which the nature of film is exploited as according to Bresson, the images are charged with emotion and intimacy. He refers to this in one passage as attaining that “heart of the heart”, to discover the matter of which men and women (models) are made…

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  • Visuals In Kip Thorne's The Science Of Interstellar

    “Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.” Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly one of the best directors in Hollywood, and he set fire to the film world with his groundbreaking film Interstellar. From its jaw dropping visual effects shown with elegant cinematography to a goosebump inducing score, Interstellar became an instant classic. Visuals are a very important to movies nowadays. But most of these impressive visuals are going towards creating and bringing to life fictional…

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  • American Gangster Analysis

    to experience this film. The iconographic that I came upon was when Frank Lucas speaks of being to loud, like the big bright suits they wore. This made me think of the street-pharmacist today, their profile is big cars with a loud color paint job and loud music with flashy clothing. I think foreshadowing was used when Rickie Roberts gets Lucas’s cousin to snitch, then he tells him that Frank Lucas will find out he snitched then he will kill him because he was his cousin. The films political…

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  • A Hard Day's Night Analysis

    Hard Days Night its celebrating 50th its anniversary this year which enhances my reasons for choosing this film. In this paper, I will argue its historical and cultural significance, its influences on modern films, particularly the music video and demonstrate how Richard Lester’s techniques paved the way what seems the norm in the industry. I will also look at the other elements that make the film so iconic today. My Paper will cover concepts such as the influences of ‘The New French Way’…

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  • Luis Bunuel Film Themes

    Luis Bunuel pioneered surrealist cinema. Many of his films revolve around three themes he was fanatic about. These being, religion, class and sexual desire. These topics can be linked to Bunuel’s early years. He was born on February 22nd, 1900 in Calanda, Spain. His birthplace was of highly religious mindset as many places were in Spain. In Bunuel’s semi autobiography My Last Breath he says, “The middle ages lasted until World War I” (8). The “Miracle of Calanda” (13) was a tale in which an…

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  • Film Eire Film Analysis

    set of rules drawn up and confirmed by Film Éire: 1. All Film Éire films must be filmed on the island of Ireland and the stories must set in either the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or both. This is to encourage the growth of both the film industry and local talent across the whole of Ireland. This is similar to Soviet Cinema of the 1920s where resources were used to create films that told stories set against the backdrop of the Soviet Union. Film Éire stories will aim to tell…

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  • Epic Elements In Braveheart

    favored genre of moviegoers. According to, “A historical epic is defined as film that takes a historical, mythic, heroic figure, and adds an extravagant setting accompanied by lavish costumes and a grand musical score.” While there are many films that loosely align with this definition, actor and director Mel Gibson’s Academy Award winning Best Picture film Braveheart, sets the standard. The 1995 film tells the story of William Wallace, a Scottish warrior in the late 12th century…

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  • Double Indemnity Movie Analysis

    one of his most selling novella “Double Indemnity”. A year later, Billy Wilder, a movie director, with the help of Raymond Chandler, a screenwriter, took the book and adapted to the big screen while keeping the original title. Eventually, the movie became very popular and nowadays, “Double Indemnity”, widely regarded as a classic, is often cited as paradigmatic film noir and as having set the standard for the films that followed in that genre. The movie adaptation is significantly more effective…

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  • The Wall Film Analysis

    The film The Wall is directed by Doug Liman which he also directed the film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” The Wall is led by three actors Aaron Taylor- Johnson as Sgt. Allen Isaac, John Cena as Staff Sgt. Shane Matthews, and Laith Nakli the voice of Juba an Iraqi sniper. The film is set in 2007 in Iraq at an oil pipeline where Sgt. Isaac and Staff Sgt. Matthews were called on to secure the area after they were informed there was a shootout. When the soldiers arrived, they encountered a sniper that was…

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