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  • An Analysis Of Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

    early Jordan brand commercials and questioning who this is. Little do you know that the man who plays the character is actually an influential filmmaker who created many films relating to the problems regarding race and society. This man’s name is Shelton Lee, or better known as Spike Lee to the rest of the world. Just through films, Spike Lee was able to stir up controversies within society through his bold statements while also revealing the darker aspects of world. By understanding more on…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Props In Film

    Props is another factor of iconography that is used and shown in these four films. Props are important in films, because it helps gets certain messages across, makes scenes more authentic, and they also have symbolism. Props used in the four films have meanings and symbolism behind them. For example, the totem in Inception symbolizes reality; whether the characters are dreaming or are in real life. Cobb's totem is a spinning top, and he uses this to test whether he is in reality or not. If it…

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  • Camera Operator Research Paper

    becoming a director—then the camera operator's job is for you. A camera operator is the one who sits behind the camera and moves it on its tripod to follow the action. The camera operator's eye sees what is being shot, which gives him an authority to call for another take if something looks wrong on a shot. Thanks to the growth of the TV industry and the addition of commercial advertising to TV, camera operators became indispensable members of the print and film industries. Directors now rely on…

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  • Symbolism In The Film First Blood

    The film First Blood is first film in a series about John Rambo, a discharged green beret who struggles to assimilate into society and by failing to do so causes mass chaos. The film’s director is Ted Kotcheff, a director who got his start in England directing a film in 1957. Kotcheff has received praise for his role in increasing the film industry in Canada, Rotten Tomatoes states that Kotcheff should receive credit for, “all but single-handedly turned that country's film industry around”.…

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  • The Importance Of Close-Up In Cinema

    The medium of film is such a powerful tool, that it influences thehuman mind in a very subtle manner. It is so accessible that one can even watch them on their phones, holding it in their hands. It manipulates our daily life in such an unnoticeable manner. It does it through advertisement, television shows and films as well. It chooses to focus on particular narratives and gives so much importance to them that the audience not only becomes more informed, but it triggers thought in the audience…

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  • Video Essay: The Reflecting Pool

    Recall His Past Lives and The Reflecting Pool Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives produced and directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul and The Reflecting Pool by Bill Viola are both art films that address on the subject of reincarnation or rebirth. The former is a narrative film whereas the latter is an art video. The Reflecting Pool, a 7-minute art video by Bill Viola, is influenced by his interest in Western and Eastern art, philosophies and religious views such as Zen…

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  • Emotional Film Instructions

    emotional film “Instructions not included” hit the big screen as a pleasing drama, one whose subject are unexpected parenting responsibilities and acceptance. The film was clearly the end result of the time, effort, and collaboration of the directors. Due to the fact that the film was engaging since the begging with peculiar images along with deep background music playing in the back. Continually, the film directors used many other techniques to send their message to the audience. The film…

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  • Analysis Of Wong Kar-Wai's Chung King Express

    wave film movement. This movement derived from the French new wave is to rebel against conventions. It is to experiment with new equipment and styles, making a social and political statement at the same time. Wong Kar-Wai tries to make a statement about Hong Kong at the time as Hong Kong was being handed back to Peoples republic of China. Wong Kar-Wai experiments with plot, characters, objects, light and equipment to tell a story while making a political statement about Hong Kong. In this film,…

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  • Wes Anderson Movie Analysis

    Wes Anderson is an American film director, famous for several of his beautiful movie creations which reflect back upon his creative, imaginative, and amusing personality. He has received four Oscars alongside recognition for his costume and production design. Anderson’s childhood background contains a troubled past regarding parents divorce which led him to develop an interest towards storytelling, as a form of escape. He certainly has a unique way of inputting certain key elements of his…

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  • The Great Gatsby Narrative Analysis

    star, broad interest, and she won an Oscar three awards, namely the Oscar for best costume award, the Oscar for Best Music Award and an Oscar for best supporting actress. The film used the distinctive pluralistic narrative technique, portraying distinct characters and showed the profound theme. 1. Movie Story presentation The film started after World War I in the United States as the background, the interpretation of a growing, feasting, joy of spring grandiose world of the masters of struggle…

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