My First Job Analysis

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The first thing I looked forward to by the end of my first week was to sleep all weekend long, however I have already gotten so use to my work schedule that even on the weekends I woke up early. In Chapter 3, of our reading text discussed is, personal growth and how an internship experience offers you a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop as a person. I came out here two weeks before school started because the job asked me how soon could I start, and I wanted to make sure it was right away. Being up here alone has taught me so much responsibility and makes me feel independent. I think experiences like these are the ones that will help mold me into the woman that I am becoming.
Going into my second week, I felt settled, like this work schedule is my new norm. This job is my first job where I have a consistent work schedule, which makes me feel more secure because I know what to expect. This past Monday was the first time I got to meet the Director of Human Resources in person, she travels so much that she is barely in New York. Although our dresscode is business casual, I made sure to
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This project involves the benefits team, what we do is, notify employees’ of changes and updates in their information involving their benefits for the upcoming year. Our benefits team had a meeting with our supervisor on Wednesday and I got to take part in the meeting. Most of the time I was writing down notes because I want to be familiar with what I am doing, although it was alot of information to process, I am confident that I have the overall concept. I am excited to work on multiple projects because I get a taste of everything. For the I-9 project I am involved with the HRIS team, for the open enrollment project I am involved with the benefits team, and for my third project which is a calendar project, I get to work directly with my supervisor and director for all Human

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