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  • Funeral Director

    Career and College Research paper A Funeral director, known as a Mortician, is a highly respected job. The job, itself, is a fairly simple one. You pick up and prepare corpses as instructed by the family of the deceased, and set up the paperwork for the funeral. Most funeral homes are family owned as a common practice, where multiple family members work together, each in individual fields. Sadly, this kind of job does not come easy, the schooling and education requirements alone are enough to deter anyone from this field, and the emotional and mental strain you endure is quite extensive. The reason I want to do this job is because it is a job that matters. It is an odd job, and one most would not have the stomach for. It is also a job that will never be out of demand. People will always die, it is sad, but inevitable. It is a demanding field, one that will never stop…

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  • Film Directors Style

    This paper is a deep exploration of the cinematic world, focusing primarily on film directors, their styles and trademarks. This research paper endeavors to give a better understanding of the film world by answering a three part question: How does a film director develop his style and use trademarks to portray or affect viewers to his liking, using tools of film such as music, camera angles, post production, and the like; What are the elements that make up a film director’s style and what makes…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Director

    There are many moments that have been considered “life changing” in my life, but there is one moment that I would consider pivotal; when I got inducted into the National Junior Santa Gertrudis Association (NJSGA) as one of their directors. Being a director means I am responsible for the cattle along with the junior members in the surrounding states. Although being a director is hard work, I enjoy the laughs and good times shared by all. Along with many cattle shows, we also have a lot of…

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  • Career-Director: A Career In Film Directing

    Career- Director (Film) Research Paper I. Introduction to the career of directing Steve Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott Joss Whedon and Kathryn Bigelow are not only influential personalities and globally admired celebrities but also celebrated motion picture directors whose works will live through human history. These film directors are proof that a career in film directing is one of the few that present an opportunity for creative minds to influence history and re-write humanity’s…

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  • Athletic Director Case Study

    teams or clubs everyone is familiar with the players, and the coaches, but few rarely know the president or owner of the team, the general manager or athletic director. In which all these different roles of sports management are essential for the successfulness of the faces you do see on the regular. The president or owner of a club or team financially owns the club. There are many teams and clubs that have multiple owner that share a percentage of ownership in the team. The general manager and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Board Of Directors

    as one’s “Board of Directors for Life”. My Board of Directors consists of loved ones who support my endeavors, provide emotional and social support, and who ensure my enjoyment. These individuals include: my mother, Irene; my father, Miguel; my two brothers, Miguel and Alan;…

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  • Scholarship Essay: I Want To Be A Casting Director

    When I was a little and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up I always had an answer for them: I wanted to be a Casting Director. I am the first to admit that this is a weird answer for an 11 year old child to give, however, even then I knew that that job was for me. While I have been sure that I wanted to become a Casting Director since the 5th grade, I have never been exactly sure how to accomplish that dream. There is no major called “Casting Director”. I have spoken to…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Film Director

    There was a time when I doubted myself because I was unsure of the future, questioning whether I want to be a film director or a sound designer. I decided my calling was film directing and nothing else. Ever since then like an endless loop of reruns it kept playing through my head, “Did I make the right decision?” I attended university and decided to major in recording arts; it was my ticket into the film world and pursues what I am passionate about. I minored in journalism to experience…

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  • The Functions Of Board Of Directors Of China Primary Energy Holding Limited

    INTRODUCTION The objective of this report is to examine the effectiveness of board of directors of China Primary Energy Holding Limited in terms of the communication and other forms of engagement with shareholders. The following passage will discuss the topic above in three main areas that are the degree of compliance with Hong Kong GEM Corporate Governance codes, the impact of ownership structure on company’s performance and the effectiveness of communication with shareholders. BACKGROUND…

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  • The Statistics Of Directors Attendance In Board Meetings Of SBI And Icici Bank

    The above table exhibits the directors attendance in board meetings of SBI and ICICI Bank Ltd in the year 2014-15. The following are the observations made 1. The frequency at which the board at which SBI met is higher than ICICI Bank Ltd. 2. The statistics of directors attendance in the ICICI Bank 's Board is marginally better than SBI. 3. Although the provisions of revised clause 49 of the listing agreement and section 285 of the companies act regarding minimum number of board meetings to be…

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