Essay On Auteur Theory

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Is Quentin Tarantino an Auteur? What even is an Auteur? Those are two questions I plan to address in this paper. The auteur theory, in this essay, will refer to a director's role as auteur, and designating his ability to establish a continuous essence, look, and feel common to all of his works as his signature on his films, indicating him as such, an auteur. Does Quentin Tarantino fit that mold? Many say yes and many say no. We will discuss in this paper and let evidence show.
Auteur theory is the theory of filmmaking in which the director is considered the major force behind the creative aspects in a film. It came from an influential group of the 1950’s French film critics and filmmakers. In short, the director is in a position that is unique and irreplaceable because his or her artistic perspective is the motor behind the whole movie. The French word for “author” is where we get the term auteur which associates the director with the all aspects of the film including painting, literature etc. all these items have the directors foot print on it. An auteur typically travels off the beaten path from traditional collectiveness of the film studio system. Francois Truffaut is quoted saying “there are no good and bad movies, only good and bad directors.” This importantly states that the creative individual behind the movie is what
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It is not hard to recognize Tarantino’s persona in all his films. He fits every requirement there is to be an Auteur. Its hard to deny that he is one of the greats in our Modern era of film. He beautifully uses wit, violence, culture, long dialogues, comedy, in a way that is so complex yet so simple. Pulp Fiction is regarded as one of the greatest movies of all time Django Unchained was Quentin’s biggest commercial success and Reservoir Dogs is named as the greatest independent movie of all time by Empire magazine. We are lucky to observe such a great

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