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  • IT Project Management Project

    Project goal: is to design and install a local area network (LAN) for the city of Meridian’s social welfare agency. Budget: not to exceed $ 90,000. Team size risk: one trans professional and two interns from a local university. I think it is great to work with the three personnel to accomplish the project. Alternatively, there is also great risk with the two interns because they need to focus on their class work too. Budget risk: not to exceed $ 90,000. The biggest problem with setting up a LAN system is the compatibility. For instance, if I brought less costly hardware and software then it will present problems. Timeline risk: project needs to complete in one month, LAN (delivery and testing). External access risk: security issues (wired vs. wireless). Account risk: log in problems, database access problems. The Key to success of this project is to realize the difficulty of the project scope, asses the risks, and inquiring about possible solutions. In my opinion, I think that the risk associated with the low number of personnel could cause the project to affect the projected timeline, budget, and customer satisfaction. The risk register tables help pinpoint the areas of concern. Risk event Impact…

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  • Project Management Project

    Sherry Bailey, a Project Manager of four different projects took time out of her busy schedule for an interview with students at Cary High School about her current job, background, job success, stakeholders and challenges.. This interview allowed the students to look into the office of a Project Manager and how one accomplishes them while keeping all parties and team members happy. Sherry Bailey works at North Carolina State University and is funded through four different initiatives; The…

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  • Rachel As A Project Management Project

    Rachel is a project manager of a large information systems project. She has an extremely busy schedule, however, if she was more efficient in her daily tasks, she might be more effective. According to Gray and Larson (2014), it is critical for project managers to be able to adapt and be innovated during the lifecycle of a project, because a good amount of projects do not go as planned nor according to schedule. Areas of Effectiveness Before Rachel’s ineffective work traits are examined, it is…

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  • Project Scheduling In Project Management

    In order for a project to be successful the project manager (PM) must have a clear and achievable project objective that has been approved and supported by management. After management has chosen the PM, then the PM can establish a project team and identify the necessary steps in order to meet the customer’s deliverable and meet the objective. “Project scheduling is a critical part of the project planning process that enhances team understanding and perspective, sets and manages expectations,…

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  • Project Management And The Importance Of Project Management

    Project management is planning and organizing of a firm’s resources to move a specific task, event or task towards completion. Project management is an activity undertaken on a project to project basis and is not a continuous activity, and the resources managed include human resources and financial capital. The project manager helps in defining the goals and objectives of the project and sets the timeline for completing various project components and by whom. The project manager also creates…

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  • Role Of Project Methodology In Project Management

    Q1. Ans Project methodology is a method used in the project for the successfully completion of project by the proper utilization of money, time and resources. According to Jason Charvat, A collection of methods, procedures, and standards that define a synthesis of engineering and management approaches designed to deliver a product, service, or solution for project completion is project methodology. A methodology is a set of guidelines or principles that can be tailored and applied to a…

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  • The Manhattan Project: The Manhattan Project

    The Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project was a stepping stone for the United States of America, it would change the meaning of war forever. The development of the first Atomic bomb would put America in the lead, surpassing our enemies in World War II. The Project was one of the most secretive projects in the history of The United States and was a turning point in the history of twentieth-century science. This new bomb had the potential of nuclear annihilation and was also one of the most…

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  • The Manhattan Project: The Challenges Of The Manhattan Project

    challenges faced by the Manhattan Project was finding a suitable balance between the academic needs of the scientists and the need for secrecy provided by the military. Scientists felt that open communication between them would be crucial to their success. Early in the Manhattan Project life-cycle, scientific correspondences were required to go through a series of military channels to ensure their contents remained protected. The solution to this was to create a separate organization, focused on…

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  • The Roles Of Project Management In A Project Manager

    Lester “a project manager may be defined as the individual who has the responsibility, authority and accountability assigned to him or her to achieve safely the project objectives with agreed time, cost and performance/quality criteria” (2007). As demonstrated by Lester, project managers can be found in almost any industry. They may hold the title of project manager or may only wear the hat of project manager while holding another title. It is widely accepted that successful projects start with…

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  • Improper Use Of Project Time For A Project

    to complete the project. Establishing the amount of time required to complete the major components of a particular part of the project is vital to the project's success. This could mean mapping out the planning process, creating time tables for ordering the hardware and or software, testing the systems, training employees on use of the new systems, and mass implementation of the replacement project. Ensuring that the project is done on time also helps with the following three variables; cost,…

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