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  • Vaccines Toxic Essay

    registered under its trade name Merthiolate and sold as a huge antibacterial, antifungal product to many stores and markets for pharmaceutical needs. Thimerosal which is a compound substance is used as preservation in vaccines for a long time. A vaccine containing thimerosal has “50 micrograms of thimerosal per 0.5 mL dose.” Say the FDA of U.S food and Drug administration. And this preservation prevents the invasion if bacteria and blocks any contamination. However it contains 49.6% mercury by weight. Mercury comes in three unique forms; Elemental found in thermometer and tooth fillings. Inorganic found mostly in batteries and disinfectants. Organic which is methylmercury grown of fish, it is also used in pesticides, fungicides; last but not least it’s in insecticides. Mercury poisoning is entered into your immune system three different ways inhalation, injection and skin absorbsion. Mercury is used in vaccines for its disinfecting powers; mercury is also in other products as well. The mercury toxicity usually effects the gastrointestinal neurologic, and the renal organ…

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  • Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

    Ray Bradbury’s story, “All Summer in a Day,” takes place on the planet Venus, where it rains heavily all the time. The protagonist, Margot, recently arrived to Venus from Earth. Margot remembers what all the other children living on Venus can’t, the sun. Because Margot is the only one who remembers the light and joy the sun brings, the children grow jealous of her. One lesson that this story suggests is that if you get caught up in your own jealousy, you can end up hurting others. In the…

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  • Solar Systems Worksheet

    Objective: • Understand the relationship of the nine planets in our solar system to the sun by creating a three-dimensional representation. • Understand the planets relative size and their distance from the sun and the earth. Preparation: Purpose: To introduce the ideas of our solar system and enrich their understanding of the world around them Materials: • Newspaper strips torn about an inch wide • String Steps: • First I would divide the students into nine groups. Then I would assign…

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  • Jealousy In All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

    Do you know the author of the story “all summer in a day?” He’s he was born in August 22, 1920, and died in June 5, 2012. His name is Ray Bradbury. The story “all summer in a day” is about a girl called Margot moved from earth to Venus,a planet that rain all year. Every 7 years, the sun will came out of the heavy rain. Margot only cares about the sun, because she remembers the sun. She's classmates is jealous that she remembers the sun, and they Locked her in the closet when the sun is going to…

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  • Why Do Vaccines Cause Depression

    that depression is yet another issue to add to the “laundry list”. Within the article, a question is asked; “If ADHD drugs can cause depression, why can’t vaccines?” A grossly distorted premise and bewildering connection at best, this statement has its basis on the presumption that vaccines contain a lethal amount of mercury. Moreover, that these heavy metals pose a risk of cumulating within the brain and causing complications to its chemical balance. The conclusion then was that the…

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  • Personal Statement: Astronomy For Kids

    also an ease to the navigation of this site, transitioning from one planet to the next can be accomplished in the tool bar with a simple click. Another benefit of this site, is that children will be able to research quick simple facts about the planets, of go further in-depth research the missions that NASA has conducted. For each planet there is a team of researchers that compiled the information, this team is easily located on the right hand side of the page for ease of citation. Finally,…

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  • Similarities Between Genesis 1 And John 1

    The two main types of lights are the sun and the moon, respectively designated as a greater and a lesser light. One reason the moon may be lesser is because its surface reflects the light of the sun rather than creating light within itself, like the sun. The notion of a greater light and a lesser light is similarly expressed in John 1. Jesus, as the son of God, is the ‘true’ - in meaning perfect and ideal - light. John is a witness to the light, not the light itself, suggesting his figure as a…

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  • Plato's Heliocentric Model

    According to Mr. Donahue in the footnote for Chapter 7, “Mars and Mercury are the only planets whose orbits differ enough from circles for that difference to have an effect observable by Brahe’s instruments. Mercury is too near the sun to afford reliable observations of its entire orbit. Therefore, only the observations of Mars could have led Kepler to his ‘new astronomy.’” As soon as he discovered that Mars orbits non-uniformly by sweeping out equal horizontal areas in equal periods of times,…

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  • The Importance Of Knowing The Expectence Of Earth

    or compounded object(s) during a continuous change in condition. Humans have not only destroyed our home planet we have depleted it to where will will not be about to sustain life in the future. Therefore, I feel that it is really important to find ways to improve our daily lifestyle habits or to even explore other worlds around us that would give our future generations hope of existence. We have already explored beyond the earth to see if the other planets have sustained life in the past or if…

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  • Tycho Heliocentric Model Essay

    this version of a geocentric model in the 4th century BC. He believed that the earth was a spherical shape and it was stationary in the center of the model. The order of the planets and other objects orbiting the earth from the center outward was the moon, sun, venus, mercury, mars, jupiter, saturn, and then the fixed stars. These objects were believed to be carried around the earth on circles. Plato believed he was correct because he thought the movements and conjunctions of the sky were all…

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