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  • Characteristics Of A Dwarf Planet

    On February 18th, 1930 the dwarf planet known as Pluto was discovered! It was discovered by an astronomer named Clyde Tombaugh and named by an 11-year-old girl. It was the farthest planet and the smallest. However when it was discovered it was named a planet because they did not have much information about it. They assumed it was a planet. It looked like a planet so they thought it was a planet. 76 years after Pluto was discovered on August 24th, 2006 astronomers demoted Pluto from planet status to dwarf planet. Till this day many people still claim Pluto to be a planet. People still do not know the difference between dwarf planets and regular planets and with these characteristics you realize that Pluto should not have been considered a planet at all. What is a Dwarf Planet?…

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  • Pluto: A Dwarf Planet

    astronomers have debated if Pluto is a planet or not. Pluto has been taken off the list of planets, and has now been classified as a Dwarf Planet. According to IAU.org, “A dwarf planet is classified as an object in orbit around the Sun that is large enough to have its own gravity pull itself into a round shape... A dwarf planet may also orbit in a zone that has many other objects in it.” Pluto now falls into the dwarf planet category because of its size and because it is in a zone of other…

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  • Analysis Of Pluto As A Dwarf Planet

    Ever since 2006, when Pluto was "demoted" to be a dwarf planet, people all over the world have complained about the change. The complaints are based partly on nostalgia; as children, they learned that Pluto was a planet, and they do not like change. However, in this essay, I argue that classifying Pluto as a dwarf planet is justified as the classification is useful; however, its status as a dwarf planet should not indicate that it is not as interesting as the planets. I will discuss, first, the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Dwarf Planets

    somewhere are five “planets” and possibly many more that never got deemed good enough to be a part of the eight planets in our Solar System today. A big debate in this world today is what should be considered a planet and what should be recognized as a dwarf planet. If all you need to make the cut to be a planet is orbiting around the sun, have enough a gravity to pull it into a sphere, and have cleared the neighborhood of your orbit, then wouldn't some dwarf planets out there be worthy of the…

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  • Dwarf Planet Research Paper

    Seaghan Kinneen 8.5 billion miles from the Sun, over ninety-one times the distance between the Earth and the Sun, stands the newest addition to the Solar System. 2014 UZ224, located some 4.83 billion miles beyond Pluto, joined Ceres, Eris, Haumea, Makemake, and the aforementioned Pluto, as the most recently discovered Solar System Dwarf Planet. To understand the definition of a Dwarf Planet, one must understand the definition of a regular planet. In a 2006 assembly that has gained notoriety…

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  • Pluto: Dwarf Planet

    Pluto We know Pluto as the dwarf planet that had its planetary status revoked. We know it as the distant 9th planet in our solar system. We know it as the planet billions of miles away from the sun. Even though all of these facts about pluto might be right, we do not know so much about this glorious planet. Pluto is a dwarf planet that was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century. Over the years, there has been much debate over whether or not we should qualify Pluto as a planet,…

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  • Dwarf Planet Vs Pluto

    Should Pluto be a dwarf planet or a planet? There has been lots of debate on whether it should be a dwarf planet or a planet. Their is not a big difference between the dwarf planets and the planets. The only difference between the two is that a dwarf planet has an orbit around it which is not cleared out and the orbit around a planet is cleared out. Pluto has been a dwarf planet since 2006. It turned into a dwarf planet because it is lacking certain details and the orbit around it was…

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  • Opinion: Pluto Is A Dwarf Planet

    Opinion: Pluto is a Dwarf Planet This astronomical study will define the development of Pluto from being a planet to a “dwarf planet” in the solar system. Pluto is a planet with about 30 to 49 astronomical units away from the sun, and it takes about 5 hours for the light of sun to reach its surface. Pluto also has an orbit of 248 years, which makes the longest orbital time period for a planetary object in the solar system. The mass of Pluto is 1.303±0.003)×1022 kg and the radius of the planet…

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  • Pluto Vs Dwarf Planets Essay

    Dwarf planets are considered to be those mass’s in space which are neither planet nor natural satellite. More explicitly, they are a mass which, unlike a moon, orbit around the sun, and due to the pull and force of their self-gravity are of a sufficient mass that they form an almost rounded spherical shape however they are not of a sufficient size to gravitationally clear the neighbourhood around their orbit. (Williams, M) In comparison the definition of a planet, as defined by the…

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  • Pluto: Dwarf Planets In Our Solar System

    Tombaugh, Pluto was thought to be the farthest, newest and smallest known planet in our solar system. Pluto, for 75 years would be thought of as the ninth planet in our solar system. It wasn’t until the discovery of Eris in 2005 that astronomers began to question what defines a planet. After the discovery of Eris and other celestial objects such as MakeMake, Pluto along these new discoveries have been defined as dwarf planets. They are categorized as dwarf planets because they are smaller…

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