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  • Dwell Magazine Case Study

    History Dwell is an American based magazine that is dedicated to modern architecture and design of homes. Launched in October 2000 by founder Lara Hedberg Deam, Dwell has since been published in numerous domestic and international titles, from Condé Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Magazine, Urbis, Vogue Living and Elle Décor UK (Wiki 2015). Dwell describes itself as being somewhere between an architecture trade publication and a consumer shelter magazine, pulling successfully from both of these audiences to form its current readership base of 325,000. With a vast array of the magazine’s content found across the company’s entire platform extending from print and digital to live events, e-commerce, research and other ancillary products (Gallow 2011)…

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  • Penetration Depth Analysis

    Figure 21: Dependence of the penetration depth on dwell times for different indentation peak loads Figure 22: Dependence of the penetration depth on dwell time for different indentation peak loads in ln-ln plot 5.4 HV vs. penetration depth Figure 23 shows the dependence of the Vickers hardness on the indenter penetration depth for 100mN to 1000mN and 10 s to 60 s dwelling time. The highest hardness value is 15.6GPa. As the indenter penetration depth increases, the hardness value decreases.…

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  • I Dwell In Possibilities Poem Analysis

    necessarily be “fluent” in that specific language. Although it is useful in day to day language, it can also hinder the meaning or message that one is trying to convey. Like a current in the ocean, conversation can go from one direction to a complete opposite in seconds if it is being translated improperly. Needless to say it is nearly impossible to translate something as simple as a sentence verbatim and still get the same meaning that it held in its original text. With that being said poetry,…

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  • Port Operations Case Study

    terminals. According to Kek Choo Chung (1993), “Instead of using the stacking area as a facilitator for a smooth synchronization between transport modes, shippers and logistics service providers started to use terminals as places for cheap storage of consignments. This change in the functional use of terminals implied that high dwell times at container yards were no longer an indication of a poor connectivity, low productivity and lack of synchronisation between maritime operations and land…

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  • Emily Dickinson's A Fairer House Than Prose

    “I dwell in Possibility,” begins Emily Dickinson’s poem of the same name: “A fairer House than Prose” (1-2). That poetry is as beautiful and as powerful as its possibilities are unbounded is, in fact, intimated throughout the entirety of Dickinson’s poem; indeed, Dickinson almost seems to have written “I dwell in Possibility” entirely in response to a personal and remarkably fervent desire to see poetry being celebrated for its “numerous” merits and virtues (3). It is interesting to note that…

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  • Exegetical Summary Of Chapter 2 By Zechariah

    joyful of His future return by saying in verse 10: “‘Sing for joy and be glad, O daughter of Zion; for behold I am coming and I will dwell in your midst,’ declares the Lord.” It is evident that the Lord wants His people to rejoice at the fact that He is coming soon, and worship Him while we wait for Him. He then gives one final command at the end of the chapter to be still while we wait for Him. In verse 10, the Lord says: “‘Be silent, all flesh, before the Lord; for He is aroused from His holy…

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  • The Importance Of Entering The Sea Of Mundane World

    The Non-distinction Realm is the realm that is beyond the sphere of reasoning and thinking. Non-distinction Realm also means Dharmadattu or the True Mind. It transcends the Five Skandhas, the Five Elements, and the Three Realms. Entering the Non-distinction Realm also means enlightenment of the True Mind. Let us regularly practice the seed of light A because it is the Dharmadattu and the Dharma-body of the Vairochana Buddha. It can manifest all other non-outflow seeds. Universally means…

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  • Theme Of Death In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five

    mind telling me, ' he said to the guide, much deflated, 'what was so stupid about that? ' 'We know how the Universe ends, ' said the guide, 'and Earth has nothing to do with it, except that it gets wiped out, too. ' 'How-how does the Universe end? ' said Billy. 'We blow it up, experimenting with new fuels for our flying saucers. A Tralfamadorian test pilot presses a starter button, and the whole Universe disappears. ' So it goes. (Vonnegut, 116-117) Even in the case of this…

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  • William Wordswroth's Tintern Abbey

    the stanza but when i read closely I was able to interpret it through Wordthworth’s vision. Feeling and experiencing nature in the present will bring you peace, wisdom and understanding of life not only at the moment, but whenever you dwell on its memory in the future. In stanza four, he narrates, “ While here I stand, not only with the sense Of present…

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  • Essay: A Career As A Physician Assistant

    I’ve been addicted to learning from the start. While all aspects of learning are in some way beneficial, the connection between health science and me has been engraved in my heart. By being in high school, I felt I was limited in the opportunities to dwell in health care. However, I’ve proved my suspicions wrong by delegating myself to creative ways in outreaching to the medical path. I’ve attended medical seminars, shadowed, volunteered, researched and challenged myself to understand people…

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