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  • Hopeless Humanity: An Analysis Of Colin Wilson

    Hopeless Humanity An Analysis of a Colin Wilson Quote Colin Wilson was once quoted as saying, "The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain." While this quote can be interpreted many different ways, like most quotes, I think that Wilson is trying to say humans sometimes lose hope and let whatever happens happen to them. Most of the time this Wilson quote rings surprisingly true when you examine the average life of a normal human being. In some cases, we see individuals with an abundance of perseverance and determination that will stop at nothing to get what they believe they deserve. Personally, I believe Colin Wilson is correct in this statement because humans are often victims of depression, fate, and misguided hopes. Depression is a mental illness that, whether it is diagnosed or not, has plagued and will continue to plague society. It is very easy to fall into the trap of depression, but it is very difficult to escape this vicious cycle once you are part of it. For that reason, I think Colin Wilson 's quote is supremely accurate about men. Once you have accepted that you aren 't happy with the way life goes one time, it becomes easier to stop fighting to make things better and instead stand like the proverbial cow in the rain. It will always be harder to continue than it will be to give up, and many men will lose their motivation and will before they succeed. When…

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  • Pro Life Argument Analysis

    are able to feel pain. The cortex is outer most layer of the cerebrum; the cortex of an unborn fetus does not develop until 26 weeks of pregnancy. Pro-choice activist refer to the 2010 Britain’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist which states fetuses do not feel pain during abortions when the abortion is performed within the 26 to 30 weeks after conception.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Abortion Pro Choice

    your body? How would you feel if someone told you what your could or could not do to your own body? This is the dilemma women face every day since abortion is constantly a topic of much debate. There are many opinions on whether or not women should be able to have an abortion or not. I think women should definitely be able to have an abortion if they want to. Women’s health can be affected if she is not able to have one, the fetus can’t feel pain, and overall it should be the woman’s choice. To…

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  • Sperlonga Sculptures Analysis

    Sperlonga sculptures are four sculptural groups that were discovered in 1957 in a grotto on the coast between Naples and Rome. The location is believed to have been a villa that belonged to the Roman Emperor Tiberius, and it is suggested that the grotto was used for social events. At some point the sculptures were shattered, likely by a rock fall , making their reconstruction a difficult process. It is unknown exactly when the sculptures were created, however, it is commonly accepted that…

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  • Is Abortion Morally Acceptable

    The procedure of abortion is performed everyday, it is the termination of a human pregnancy. Removing the fetus from the mother 's body is essentially removing what could be a new life. Which draws the question, is abortion morally acceptable? When processing this question several thoughts run through a person 's mind. Things such as is it the mother 's choice being able to terminate the pregnancy? Or if taking a life not born is murder? How I respond to these questions is it is morally…

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  • Hair While Pregnant

    is the Sky Blue?”, “What will the Weather be Today?” Well, one question that women may ask themselves is, “Can I Dye my Hair While Pregnant?” With many solutions to this, the answer is yes, women can dye their hair while pregnant. However, when dying your hair, be mindful of what your skin absorbs, whatever your body absorbs, the fetus/baby absorbs. When you’re pregnant and decide to dye your hair, make sure you make an appointment with a doctor to make sure it’s okay. If you wanna dye your…

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  • Rape Is Not A Moral Justification Of Abortion

    taken away by pro-life supporters. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy. The beginning of abortion started early in the 1820’s when Connecticut passed the first law in the United States to allow “quickening” which was performed on women after their fourth week of pregnancy by giving them poison. The debate on whether or not to make abortion illegal or legal; however, fully blossomed as a highly…

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  • Thomson Abortion Analysis

    be a negative right, provided that it has certain guidelines. One in which abortions are neither a right that should be given nor taken away. Thomson begins by arguing that there is no right time to mark the point in which a person should begin to be considered a person. She then gives an example of an oak tree and how it is not called an oak tree at the beginning, but goes through stages to become an oak tree. Nevertheless, Thomson does agree that a fetus becomes a person at some point…

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  • Arguments Against Abortion Ethical

    Abortion becomes ethically acceptable when the mother carrying the child is at some sort of health risk or death. A mother is entitled to make decisions for her own body and to protect herself against harm, even if it means killing someone innocent with no intentions of hurting the mother. Also if the fetus is at risk of health problems at the time or before birth, it is ethical that the mother have an abortion so her baby would not have to live in pain or whatever her feelings were towards the…

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  • Analysis Of Abortion By Judith Jarvis Thomson

    Judith Jarvis Thomson argued that while there were objections to abortion, they weren’t well supported. While some people think that abortion is morally wrong, I agree with Thomson because of many reasons. One main reason is that while the fetus has the right to life, a mother does at well. Having an abortion could also be beneficial to the mother’s health if needed. Even if the mother’s health is not at stake and she knew of the risks and still engaged in consensual sex, it’s an unexpected…

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