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  • Pool House: A Dwelling Analysis

    pool house is a dwelling because its use and structure support the theory that it is an extension of the living quarters. The State will likely be able to prove the Hernandezes’ pool house constitutes a dwelling because the facts support that its construction resembles that of the main dwelling and that it is frequently used for similar purposes as the living quarters, such as eating, sitting, watching television, and hosting friends. As defined in ILCS §5/19-3, “a person commits residential burglary when he knowingly enters or remains within the dwelling place of another, or any part thereof, with the intent to commit a felony.” For the purpose of this statute, dwelling is defined as “a house, apartment, mobile home, trailer, or other living quarters” in which a person “actually resides.” §5/2-6(b). However, courts may take into account additional factors to determine if a structure is constitutes a dwelling or “part thereof.” §5/19-3. In determining whether a structure is a dwelling under the residential burglary statute, the courts consider two main factors: (1) the physical attributes of the structure and (2) the use of the structure. Thomas, p.64; Cunningham, p. 1252. The policy underlying the residential burglary statute is “to protect the privacy and sanctity of the…

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  • The Importance Of Underground Space

    underground space, and free up some valuable land above ground to be redeveloped for other purposes. There will be a few examples on underground urban development by some countries like Finland and Netherland; also some examples on underground architecture that uses the quality of underground space wisely. Then, a discussion on the sustainability potential of underground spaces. Human’s acknowledgement of the underground space’s potential has existed since thousands of years ago. In the…

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  • The Validity Of The Bible In The Iliad

    For instance, there is the Scriptural theme of God dwelling with His people. Genesis 3:8 sees God dwelling with man in the garden of Eden. In Exodus 29, due to the separation caused by the fall, God commands the construction of the tabernacle, saying “I will consecrate the tent of meeting and the alter ... I will dwell among the people of Israel and will be their God”(Exodus 29:45). 1 Kings 8:10 and 14 describes the shift from the tabernacle to the temple, before Ezekiel 10:18-19 details God’s…

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  • Dwellings By Linda Howards Analysis

    In modern times, the western approach towards nature and Life is practical in the sense that it can all be explained by a scientific phenomenon. Due to this mentality, spiritual connections to our roots, nature and Life, are abysmal. To Linda Hogan, writer of Dwellings, this inauspicious approach confirms a detachment from “the treaties once made with [nature]”(11), to which Native Americans dearly hold on to. Throughout Dwellings, Hogan recounts significant experiences that enable her to inch…

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  • Religion And Tradition In Elizabeth Ehrlich's Dwelling

    An American Jewish woman and a Chickasaw Indian woman, what could they possibly have in common? While there are clear differences, they also share some similarities. Elizabeth Ehrlich, in her book Miriam’s Kitchen, recounts her journey through the Jewish faith and her life as she struggles through keeping kosher. Linda Hogan, in her book Dwellings, shares her spiritual experience as Chickasaw Indian and her love and connection with the earth and all that inhabit it. While they differ on many…

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  • Roman Cities Research Paper

    Roman Dwellings This weeks Discussion forum is very interesting, at least in my opinion. I personally love architecture, especially Greek and Roman architecture. if that was not obvious from last week's discussion forum. I will start with the dwellings inside of the city. City Dwellings This weeks Discussion forum is very interesting, at least in my opinion. I personally love architecture, especially Greek and Roman architecture. if that was not obvious from last week's discussion forum. I…

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  • John Donogood Case Study

    the garage was not attached to the house and it was not used for sleeping, it does not constitute a dwelling as defined by the statute; therefore, element (4) of the law is not satisfied. Additionally, no person was present inside the structure when the breaking and entering occurred and thus the “actually occupied” requirement is not met; for this…

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  • Penetration Depth Analysis

    indenter penetration depth for 100mN to 1000mN and 10 s to 60 s dwelling time. The highest hardness value is 15.6GPa. As the indenter penetration depth increases, the hardness value decreases. This phenomenon suggests that there exist an indentation size effect (ISE). The ISE, according to Nix and Gao’s model, is related to the concept of geometrically necessary dislocations (GNDs) (Nye 1953), an inverse relationship between the GND density…

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  • History Of Mesa Verde National Park

    The land and rock-based history of Mesa Verde National Park represents diversity as much as the cultural history. Mesa Verde is located in Southwestern Colorado which is one of the four states that is included in the Colorado Plateau. It became a national park in 1906 in order to preserve and protect the famous cliff dwellings and artifacts. Beginning back in 550 A.D to 1300 A.D, Ancestral Puebloans came to realize the diversity of Mesa Verde National Park and used its landscape to create and…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dual Living Essay

    BUILDERS OF TOWN HOUSES AND MULTI-DWELLINGS IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA SUMARY – This article is about the company Dual Living that is based in Melbourne, Australia. It gives information and details about the different services offered by the company which include town house builders and multi-dwellers, and a little background about the company itself. DUAL LIVING – THE COMPANY THAT DOES IT YOUR WAY Dual Living is a company based in Melbourne, Australia that offers a number of services to do with…

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