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  • Dwell Magazine Case Study

    Dwell is an American based magazine that is dedicated to modern architecture and design of homes. Launched in October 2000 by founder Lara Hedberg Deam, Dwell has since been published in numerous domestic and international titles, from Condé Nast Traveler, Los Angeles Magazine, Urbis, Vogue Living and Elle Décor UK (Wiki 2015). Dwell describes itself as being somewhere between an architecture trade publication and a consumer shelter magazine, pulling successfully from both of these audiences to form its current readership base of 325,000. With a vast array of the magazine’s content found across the company’s entire platform extending from print and digital to live events, e-commerce, research and other ancillary products (Gallow 2011)…

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  • Photoshop's Negative Effects On Social Media And Body Image

    Nowadays advertising actually is not a foreign matter to everybody in this modern life. We can see advertising everywhere around us from newspaper, radio, television to YouTube, or maybe on social media like Facebook, and Instagram. Advertising is an audio or visual form of showcasing correspondence that utilizes a transparently supported, and promote or sell a product, service or idea. For example, about the beauty standards, many magazines everyday produce images of impossible beauty; for this…

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  • Assess The Importance Of Literacy Essay In 150 Words

    in both languages. For some reason, people liked it! I, on the other hand, was not sure why, nor whether it was something I wanted to pursue. However, one summer I went with my family to Orlando Florida, and around then it was the first time I laid eye on American fashion magazines: Vogue and In Style. I was totally charmed in pursuing all there is to pursuit, it took me 3 to 4 hours to finish reading that first one, and still to this day I take at least two hours to finish a magazine because I…

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  • Comparison Of Body Image And The Media

    When speaking of body image and the media, first thing that comes to mind is how our bodies should be portrayed to keep up with new trends and body styles. This is shown simply through all sorts of magazine outlets, some such as vibes, Herbalife, victory secret, fashion and GQ. Media has a great way in portraying what the ideal body representation should be and it is mainly advertised through most of our icons and celebrities. In the process of constructing my consciousness raising group,…

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  • Women's Magazine Analysis

    fixes actually work for woman. What are these magazines selling to the women of america? Women 's magazines sell the women of an america dreams. I studied a few women 's magazines Woman’s World, SHAPE, and First for Women. One of the magazines I read was First for Women one thing i noticed when i first picked up the magazine is the massive quick fix weight loss ads on the cover. Its draws a lot of attention from the readers since a lot of women are very self conscious about their health to pick…

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  • The Role Of Stereotypes In Advertising

    To make an image be perfect or stand out in the crowd, a bit of photo manipulation needs to occur. Many people do not realize how significantly advertisements have changed the original image to sell their product. Glamour, a fashion magazine, conducted a survey about their readers’ opinions about advertisements with photoshopped images (Seigal 29). There were 1000 women who answered the survey. When the data was collected, the process of editing small areas of flawed skin, flyaway hair, and…

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  • Seventeen Magazine Campaign Analysis

    From 2011-2013, Seventeen Magazine, a popular teen/young adult magazine featured a host of popular female celebrities such as: Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Shaileene Woodley, Ariana Grande, as well as many other ABC family stars were featured wearing shirts with the word delete sprawled across them. The meaning behind these shirts and the whole campaign in general was to help spread awareness of cyberbullying as well as help combat it. The question I pose is, how affective/successful was this…

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  • Sex, Lies, & Advertising By Gloria Steinam

    How often do you get drawn to an advertisement because the first thing that you see is a pretty and hot women? Magazines have been around for several decades but even though only a few people reads them, they still influence old and modern day society. The article, “Sex, Lies, & Advertising” by Gloria Steinam tries to offer a better understanding into the magazine industry and how they operate. Steinam talks about how all magazine companies uses feminism to sale their product. She explains that…

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  • Fashion Magazine Analysis

    texts are everywhere and have a huge influence on people in distinct areas all over the world. In terms of fashion magazines, it is one of the most influential media texts that affect young females’ everyday life. It has been introduced to people for over a hundred years and it impacts them greatly on their fashion choices, lifestyle and the most importantly, their values (Bowerman, 2015). As one of the most popular magazines globally, Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure. The magazine’s…

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  • Beauty And Body Image Analysis

    How do I look? “Hey, ugly”, my so-called friends call to me as I’m walking towards the end of the street approaching the bus. I always thought they were my friends because we use to tease each other and call each other names. In seventh grade I was wrong. In fact they were bullying me. They used call me flat chested and made fun of my glasses and teeth. Of course I was as pretty as the other girls in the Glamour magazines. I was made fun of since 4th grade when I got my glasses. I want to…

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