Kuiper belt

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  • Pluto Article Analysis

    The source I chose to evaluate is an article called “Is Pluto a planet?” written by Graham Rax. This source was published by Kalmbach Publishing Company in 1999, and mainly talked about is the Pluto should be consider as a planet or not. For this paragraph, it mainly talks about what is planet, what the figure does the Pluto has, and it give a conclusion that we can’t define the Pluto as a planet or treat is as a member of Kuiper Belt. We can tell that the article was published by a formal publisher, written by a professional writer. Also the writer use lots of numbers and accurate language to certify his conclusion. The first resource I want to use to evaluate this article is a book called The Essential Cosmic Perspective (sixth…

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  • The Importance Of Dwarf Planets In The Solar System

    Ceres in my discussion about the asteroid belt so I will talk about the other 4 dwarf planets in our solar system. Pluto which was a planet up until 2006 was discovered in 1930 and the main reason it was stripped of its planet title is that was that its orbit was hampered by other celestial objects that criss crossed its rotation around the sun. Pluto is the second closest dwarf planet to the sun and it is known to have 5 moons and it takes Pluto almost 250 earth years to orbit the sun. It is…

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  • Analysis Of Pluto As A Dwarf Planet

    as children, they learned that Pluto was a planet, and they do not like change. However, in this essay, I argue that classifying Pluto as a dwarf planet is justified as the classification is useful; however, its status as a dwarf planet should not indicate that it is not as interesting as the planets. I will discuss, first, the historical context in which Pluto came to be demoted, the respective definitions of planets and dwarf planets, and finally, the usefulness of the classifications that…

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  • Into The Wild By Jan Burres, Mccandless Friends And Family

    boyfriend, Bob, “Man, we got to take this kid with us. You need to school him about some things” (23). Burres truly cared about McCandless and his wellbeing since she had an estranged son of her own. It is evident that she wanted the best for McCandless considering she took him into her own home without knowing who he was or what problems he might have had. Another individual to have an effect on McCandless was Ronald Franz. Ronald Franz was an accomplished leatherworker (37). He taught…

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  • My Papa's Waltz Poem Analysis

    The Analysis of the Three Poems “My Papa’s Waltz”, “My Father’s Hats” and “Those Winter Sundays” are poems which are real exciting and express the love of fathers towards their kids. In these poems they describe to us the friendship between children and their fathers. The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” explains how a young boy was dancing waltz music with his drunken father. The young son appeared to enjoy having fun with his father while dancing despite the fact that he kept on chafing his ear on his…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Suicide Bombers

    Over 40% of suicide bombers are female and come from all over the world (Pape). The most common areas where suicide bombers are present are Russia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. That isn’t to say that bombers aren’t in other places because they certainly are. These are just the most common areas. Suicide bombers can be anywhere for any reason. Since suicide bombers are no longer living they can’t be asked as to what their motives were. However, countless people speculate as to what…

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  • The Beginning Of My Senior Year In High School

    and a pair of football cleats that were so tight on my feet, my corns were hurting. I step on the field to line up for the team stretch. Whistle blows. “Go!” Coach Sears yells, as we run from the goal line to the 40 yard line. The thunder sounds like a growling stomach. A sprinkle hits my arm. I started to smile as hard as I did when Myricall was born. Coach Sears says, “everyone go home.” I left with an urgency to see my Fatty. After seeing Myricall, Adaiah walked me to my green Chevrolet…

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  • Effects Of Air Bag Restrain

    In moderate to severe frontal or near-frontal collisions, even belted occupants can contact the steering wheel or the instrument panel. Air bags supplement the protection provided by safety belts. Air bags distribute the force of the impact more evenly over the occupant’s upper body, stopping the occupant more gradually. But air bags would not help you in many types of collisions, including rollovers, rear impacts and side impacts, primarily because an occupant’s motion is not toward those air…

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  • The Basic Website Of Astronomy For Kids

    site is: http://www.kidsastronomy.com/solar_system.htm. The user of this site would be: the students. On this site the student will be able to find information about the sun or any of the planets in our solar system. Another aspect of the site is that students can learn about the different moons of the planets. This site also contains interesting information about Saturn’s rings. Finally, the students will be able to learn about asteroids, comets, and meteorites. There is an interactive map,…

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  • Narrative Essay About Seatbelts

    My best friend and I completely changed the world by simply creating a strap that holds someone in place while driving. What people know as "seatbelts" became a number one safety component in all automobile accidents when I was just a teenager. Since seatbelts revolutionized vehicle safety, many more people feel confident driving. In order to invent the seatbelt, my best friend and I had learned to fully understand the need for such a precaution the hard way. It all began in the 1950 's, a…

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