Asteroid belt

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  • Personal Statement: Astronomy For Kids

    Web Site one: The name of the site is: Astronomy for Kids. The URL for the site is: The user of this site would be: the students. On this site the student will be able to find information about the sun or any of the planets in our solar system. Another aspect of the site is that students can learn about the different moons of the planets. This site also contains interesting information about Saturn’s rings. Finally, the students will be able to learn about asteroids, comets, and meteorites. There is an interactive map, which the children could use to select the planet that they would like information on. The map shows the planets relationship to the sun, how the planets orbit the sun, how…

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  • Solar System Explanation

    Solar System Explanation The parts of the solar system are the Sun, Planets, the Kuiper Belt(meteors), the Main Belt(asteroids), comets, dwarf planets, and moons. The sun is located in the center of the universe and all of the other objects orbit around it. The sun only rotates about every 25-36 Earth days. The sun is the closest star and a heat source for almost all the planets. All of the planets orbit around the sun but all at different paces. For example, It takes Earth 365 days to orbit…

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  • Analysis Of Pluto As A Dwarf Planet

    definitions of planets and dwarf planets, and finally, the usefulness of the classifications that result from these definitions. The whole debate as to whether Pluto should be considered a planet started when an astronomer from Caltech, Mike Brown, discovered the "tenth planet," Eris. Eris was slightly bigger than Pluto, and was found in the Kuiper Belt, a collection of objects that orbited the Sun beyond Pluto. At first there was excitement, but then more and more bodies were found that also…

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  • The Chicxulub Impact

    Earth (2) About 65 million years ago an asteroid that is roughly 10 kilometres across, hit Earth on the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. It caused a huge explosion and left a crater that is about 185 kilometres across. This asteroid impact is commonly known to be the reason for the extinction of three quarters of the dinosaurs. (4) The asteroid soared through the sky at more than 40 times the speed of sound. (6) The earth moves through space in its orbit around the sun at 107,000…

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  • IRIS Case Study

    of excitement for you, you should note that the magnetic field around our planet acts as a shield which keeps harmful energetic radiated particles from the Sun, known as solar wind, from bombarding us.These cosmic rays could cause serious cell damage to humans and our biosphere. Unfortunately, our magnetic field as weakened by 30% over the last 3000 years. Armed with evidence of the diminished field, the Dynamo Theory and magnetometers, NASA is exploring the core properties of Earth as well as…

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  • My Gaide: A Narrative Fiction

    I wake up and find myself on an unknown island. My galaide’ has broken into pieces. I can’t remember what happened last night. I look around to see a massive volcano in front of me. Seconds later, a robot comes flying out of it and scans the environment. Out of nature, I hide in the bushes. It doesn’t take too long before the robot detects my heavy breathing. I guess I wasn’t meant to be a ninja. It catches me with it’s mechanical claw and takes me away heading inside the volcano. To my…

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  • 7 Trumpet Analysis

    scripture states that one third of the earth perished by fire. Then it attests that fire consumed one third of the trees and all the green grass burnt up. Subsequently, since we receive all of our oxygen from the trees and green vegetation, this will cause devastation on the earth. 2. Meteorite - The Second Trumpet – Rev. 8:8-9 – With the blowing of the second trumpet, something resembling a huge blazing mountain hurled into the sea. Many scholars believe that a large asteroid could hit the…

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  • Space Persuasive Speech

    children with a better life. Earth is a living thing, and it has an expiration date. This overarching ‘date’ is not human made, but inevitably certain. There is a one in 700,000 chance that the Earth will collide with a massive asteroid on a given day killing you (Petranek 1). This number seems small when we think back to the last massive asteroid to kill almost all life on Earth, This number though is how many years on average we think there is an asteroid big enough to eradicate life on Earth…

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  • Impact Theory And The Extinction Of Dinosaurs

    theories as to how the dinosaurs became extinct, some of these include terrestrial stresses (such as lower sea level or global temperature) and radiation (Pasichnyk, 2011), but the 2 theories that have become the most widely accepted as they have the most amount of supporting evidence are the Impact Theory (otherwise known as the Alvarez Hypothesis (Smith, 2005)) and the Volcanic Theory (Pasichnyk, 2011). The Impact Theory states that millions of years ago a comet or an asteroid struck the…

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  • Into The Wild By Jan Burres, Mccandless Friends And Family

    boyfriend, Bob, “Man, we got to take this kid with us. You need to school him about some things” (23). Burres truly cared about McCandless and his wellbeing since she had an estranged son of her own. It is evident that she wanted the best for McCandless considering she took him into her own home without knowing who he was or what problems he might have had. Another individual to have an effect on McCandless was Ronald Franz. Ronald Franz was an accomplished leatherworker (37). He taught…

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